May 8, 2021

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Research on Maori living in Australia and return migrants to NZ

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Tena koutou katoa

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My name is Paul Hamer and I am an adjunct research associate at Te Kawa a Maui, the School of Maori Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, and a PhD candidate at Monash University in Melbourne. I have previously published a series of research papers on M?ori in Australia, including a major report for Te Puni Kokiri in 2007.

For my PhD I am investigating both the impact on Maori of the 2001 Australian law changes that heavily restricted New Zealanders rights to access Australian government benefits and services, as well as the reasons for Maori return migration from Australia to New Zealand.

To date there has been little research undertaken on these important issues, and I hope my studies can remedy that gap. In particular, I want to give Maori communities and policy-makers the information they need about these matters.

I am running two surveys: one for Maori living in Australia and one for Maori who used to live in Australia but have now returned to New Zealand.

Please consider publicising the surveys among your contacts. The more responses received the better the quality of information will be. Completing a survey should take 10 minutes.

More information can be found at the start of each survey. It would be especially good to increase the number of responses from those who are now back in New Zealand after a spell in Australia.

Maori living in Australia survey:

Maori return migrants from Australia survey:

Nga mihi nui kia koutou.

n? Paul Hamer


4 thoughts on “Research on Maori living in Australia and return migrants to NZ

  1. I am a kiwi who moved to Aus in 1983 with my husband and daughter. We were young, we loved the Gold Coast and my in-laws were here and opportunities were there for the taking. We went back to Wellington/Auckland in 1999 to have two more children and to live back home for almost 2yrs but found it hard job-wise and on one wage with two babies so we moved back to Aus. I love NZ and miss the whanau immensely. I tautoko Ana Ripia, you have to do your homework about the job, the area you want to move to, have money to enter the new country and talk to rellies living in the country before doing it. Not sure what the Aus Government does to assist now, as we did not rely on them.

  2. I am a born kiwi maori that’s never left my country but have most of my family living in Australia to make a better life – My country has never been the same but the ppl that live here love this country – most of us r unemployed and its not easy to get your self a job here in NZ when our the age of 55 plus – and why do we have to take in more refugees when the oz government don’t even help my fellow country ppl that’s living in oz and now they want our country to help out do u think this is ok by us or not

  3. I’m a ex kiwi who live in Brisbane for about 12 – 14 years. I have been back home in NZ for about nearly 20yrs now. I gave birth to 2 children while living in Oz. I have two daughters that live in Sidney who r both working. I feel sorry for those kiwi who can’t get any assistance. Some went there to start a better live for their families, get offer jobs but on arrival jobs fill thru. Then they r stuck to what to do next. I’m a great believe that you must do your homework, have money save before entering another country. However i believe Kiwi’s r hard working people, if there is a need off helping Kiwi’s living in Oz when times r down, Oz Government should have some kind of financial assistance. Us kiwi always have our doors open for the Ozzie fello. Now the Ozzie wants us NZers to help take there refugees, come on they should help us too.

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