May 7, 2021

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Te Raranga Whanui at #TeMatatini2013 (+photos)

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Te Raranga Whanui are a Sydney based whose kaupapa is about the retention and teaching of Maori culture and language using Kapahaka as a vehicle

Te Raranga Whaanui holds workshops throughout the area to ensure accessibility to the large Maori community that now resides here. We also have a strong relationship with the Maori Anglican Church of Sydney (Te Wairua Tapu) who provides their facilities for many of our workshops and events.

Established in 2010, Te Raranga Whaanui are now Australias top Maori performing arts group having won the Australian National Kapahaka Competition in 2012 held in Canberra. We will be representing Australia in 2013 at the prestigious bi-annual competition Te Matatini Festival held in Rotorua New Zealand.

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Photos courtesy of Te Matatini










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