May 9, 2021

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Feedback sought on Waitangi Tribunal Retention and Disposal Schedule

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E nga puna korero, tena koutou;

Waitangi Tribunal Retention and Disposal Schedule

The Waitangi Tribunal is required under the Public Records Act 2005 to maintain a retention and disposal schedule for all business records.To facilitate this, the Tribunal has developed a draft appraisal report and schedule.

waitangi-tribunal-main-2The purpose of the retention and disposal identifies:

-The high value archival records that require long-term preservation; and

-The records of little archival value which should be destroyed once they are no longer required for ongoing business.

The Waitangi Tribunal is now seeking feedback on the draft appraisal report and schedule.We are keen to hear your thoughts on the disposal and retention recommendations outlined in the draft appraisal report.

Your Feedback

The purpose of the retention and disposal consultation process is to allow those with an interest in the Waitangi Tribunals record to provide input into the disposal recommendations in the draft appraisal report and schedule. This schedule sets out the different classes of records held by the Tribunal, and sets out whether particular classes of records should either:

  • Be retained as public archives, and transferred to Archives NZ by the Tribunal after a set time period has passed; or
  • As they are not of archival value, be destroyed when all legal, financial and administrative requirements in relation to such records have been met.

We invite you to provide feedback on the draft appraisal report and schedule.

You can access these documents from the Waitangi Tribunal website at:

The Website also contains introductory information and FAQs to assist in your review and feedback.

  • You can provide your feedback via:

? the dialogue box

? sending an email to[email protected];or

? writing to Jeff Abbott, Librarian, Waitangi Tribunal, DX SX 11237, Wellington New Zealand.

If you are unable to access the internet and/or download documents, please request paper copies by contacting the Waitangi Tribunal Librarian at[email protected]or by phone 04 914 3000Feedback must be received no later than 4pm Friday 26 April 2013.

Naku noa, naJulie Tangaere
Acting Director, Waitangi Tribunal

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