May 6, 2021

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ICT sector stalled by Foss inaction – Curran

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New Zealands ICT sector is being held back by Commerce Minister Craig Foss inaction on the Patents Bill, says Labours Communications and Associate Economic Development spokesperson, Clare Curran.

Clare Curran pic 2011The National-led government is dragging its feet on a law change that would encourage our software industry to blossom, as well as enable smaller international software developers to build their businesses in New Zealand.

The Governments stalling tactics, which have now lasted three years, are not going unnoticed. Its attempts to amend the law to appease the concerns of big multinational software companies are costing Kiwi innovation dearly.

The Patents Bill, which proposes an exclusion for computer software from being patentable, is widely supported by Kiwi software developers as a way to encourage innovation.

Labour understands ICT is an economic power-player. Trade in ICT goods and services is currently worth around 11% of our GDP.

In a survey released today, the industry itself highlighted insufficient local demand as a barrier to growth. The Government needs to listen up.

The ICT sector is an exciting emerging powerhouse in our economy. It deserves to be a priority on the Governments agenda.

Craig Foss needs to stop sitting on his hands and back our software industry, Clare Curran said.

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