May 7, 2021

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Kura left to decide their own fate

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Hekia-Parata-Getty_w452Labours Associate Maori Affairs spokesperson Rino Tirikatene is dumbfounded and angry two kura kaupapa maori have been left to decide between themselves who should move to a new location in northern Christchurch, under proposals provided by the Ministry of Education.

Hekia Parata and her ministry have shown once again their incompetence and lack of empathy for whanau Maori. The fact of the matter is, neither kura need to move. One is damage free and the other is close to high Maori urban living areas. Neither school has had problems getting bums on seats, so whats the big deal.

The Te Tai Tonga MP said its a Catch 22 situation caused by the MOE, who would like nothing more than to abrogate all responsibility and leave it to the two whanau to sort out.

They come up with hair-brained ideas to fix problems which are non-existent. Hekia Parata and the MOE have a mind-set of if it aint broke,break it. Theyre only looking to justify their shonky decision making. Its as though they think these two kura must be seen to be as inconvenienced as other schools in Christchurch, when really theres no need.

The two kura have until the 28th of this month to decide who will move, or the MOE will decide for them.

1 thought on “Kura left to decide their own fate

  1. How ridiculous, who is this person Hekia Parata she needs to be thrown out, maybe a peanut farmer would like to hire her to count peanuts oopps may be a bit difficult. Get a life Hekia you have done enough damage, stand fast whanau enough is enough.

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