May 19, 2021

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Maori Party calls for universal condemnation of torture

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The Maori Party supported the Notice of Motion placed before the House yesterday condemning the use of torture on detainees in Fiji, and are now calling for universal condemnation of all uses of torture in all countries around the world.

While we support the motion in the House today, we dont think we should be unilaterally singling out one country when we know that there have been examples of torture used in other places, such as in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Rapanui, China and the widespread use of torture in government detention centres in Afghanistan, said Te Ururoa Flavell.

We know there are human rights issues elsewhere and we should pursue them all.

Its about being consistent. If we are going to raise the issue, then we ask all Parties to treat all nations similarly and not just focus on small nations because they happen to be offside of the Government.

We reiterate that to physically harm another human being is disgraceful. In this country it is a crime. Instead of isolating examples here and there we should draw a line in the sand and say it is not acceptable in any country.

We are a nation that firmly believes in upholding human rights. This is a universal human rights issue that cannot be tolerated and all parties in the house should be bold enough to make a stand on this issue.

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1 thought on “Maori Party calls for universal condemnation of torture

  1. Torture is a barbaric system to be used against any human being. Maori are noted for being very whanau orientated,our symbolism around marae and wharenui should remind us of this principle and taonga. Please work hard to get this into policy… that may be taken seriously by all nations. Take the two great wars, torture was used in some countries, it still exists in areas that should be well controlled however, it seemed that this wasnt the case with the American prison Cuba and the forms of torture that was used by some of the Americans on prisoners.. this is wicked, they are still someones sons regardless, get information another way but not by torturing human beings

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