May 10, 2021

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Update on teacher’s claim of police brutality

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Update from CorinaTairua

Good Morning,

I just wanted to UPDATE everyone…

The knowledge of my assault had reach an audience of over 10,000 people.

  • It aired on Maori Television last night on Te Kaea.
  • I have a radio interview on Saturday afternoon.
  • Waikato University Magazine would like an interview, the fb Merania Karanata Mihaka this morning.

I have been asked, what I want done about this, I think my answer may shock people , but this is a few suggestions I have to problem solve this, and maybe if you have any suggestions , we can put them together and demand the police commisioner take them seriously…..


  • It seems to me the 19 weeks it takes to become an officer maybe too short a time to learn NVCI ( Non violent Crises Intervention Methods correctly.
  • A red card system , if a fellow officer sees another officer exhorting their power and not keeping ‘ the Law’ a red card system can be set up in the form of a code word, or number that another officer can say that makes the officer give over the arrested person without the arrested person knowing, thus keeping the Mana of the officer and also maintaining the safety of the public AND the officer .
  • More Wardens- Maori wardens , Pakeha Wardens and or ANY race of Wardens that are interested in supporting the safety of the streets using non violent methods.
  • Making a form compulsory for all those who leave jail to state if their body was kept safe in the arrest and a camera readily available to take pictures IMMEDIATELY should the public sustain injures ( make this all part of the discharge process)
  • More pamphlets to educate the PUBLIC on all the CAN and CAN NOT do in a liquor ban area.
  • OUTSIDE SUPERVISION made available to all police with a COMPULSERY attendence once a month for ALL personal!
  • A question to be asked while arresting, ” Do you have ANY medical history we need to be aware of. This is important for health and safety for all!

This increasing brutality is becoming an epidemic! There is obviously issues going on in our force that need addressing!

When we have problems WE phone the police, maybe it’s our Police who need us to support them now????? Your thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Update on teacher’s claim of police brutality

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  2. Corina, I am inspired at the way you have stayed rational and respectful throughout this whole ordeal. I hope that the police will acknowledge the terribly wrong way this officer treated you. They could learn a lot from your generosity. Your children and your community have a wonderful role model in you.

  3. The arresting officer should lose her job to set an example that police brutality is unacceptable. It should also be made mandatory for police officers to report witnessing any misuse of power by their colleagues during an arrest. I think the red card system is a good idea thus keeping the Mana of the officer and also maintaining the safety of the public and the officer. Corina I think it is wonderful that you are being proactive rather than reactive and extra education is essential for police so that this does not continue to happen. Kia Kaha!!!!!!!!!!

  4. “This increasing brutality is becoming an epidemic! There is obviously issues going on in our force that need addressing!”

    Current psychological services have failed to handle the reason police react in situations like the above case. We need an alternative to handle and educate police what causes them to react in some situations. I’m sure the police officer in this case is a good officer but has not got enough education and training to handle what can trigger and cause the behavior that happened.

    What causes the mind to depart from rational thought and behaviour.

  5. There is a time our officers’ need to do their job however, there is a time they need to be aware how to do their job, i agree their standards should be addressed if they are abusing the law themselves, ie, over doing their job with an arrest, GBH is what sometimes can happen to certain people from the public. If that happens, then the officer should have a stand down period also counselling during their stand down, if it happens again, instant dismissal and charges to be laid upon him or her, which would place them in court.

  6. Asking people if they have health problems isn’t so useful if they don’t understand them – considering the police record in NZ, any extra training on non-violence should include a unit on mental health issues so they actually know how to act on the information that they’re dealing with someone with something like social anxiety. I also think some of them need it stressed that most of the public does NOT have criminal intent and that they are there to HELP people, not dig out secret malicious intentions, ie if someone asks a question they probably genuinely want an answer! I went to a high school where they taught us how to deal with police to lessen chances of being arrested (it was a bit of a necessary tool for some of my classmates) but even according to that, Corina, you didn’t do anything wrong. Police should have an equivalent tool to lessen chances of needing to arrest people and their job success should never be measured by number of arrests, whether formally or informally.

  7. The arresting officer needs to be sacked immediately so the mana of the police force remains intact and also to set an example that this behaviour of police brutality will never ever ever be tolerated.

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