May 9, 2021

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Hekama Creative & Chocolate Stigmata present ‘Goodbye My Feleni’ by D F Mamea

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Hekama Creative & Chocolate Stigmata present ‘Goodbye My Feleni’ Written by D F Mamea>

Unsung stories of WWII Pasifika soldiers honoured this ANZAC Day.
When you’re in the army of a country that’s not your own, about to fight a war half a world away, who do you fight for – God, king and country? or your fellow brothers-in-arms?

Hekama Creative, in association with Chocolate Stigmata, is proud to present the world premiere of Goodbye My Feleni, an uplifting and moving new play by Samoan playwright DF Mamea.

Goodbye My Feleni pays tribute to the Pasifika soldiers who served with the 28th (Maori) Battalion in World War II. Using Pasifika humour and song to tell the tale of brotherhood forged in the fire of battle, Goodbye My Feleni explores the sacrifices a Pasifika man must make in order to fight for God, king and country even when it’s not his own.

Goodbye My Feleni runs from 16 25 April, to celebrate ANZAC Day.

Starring Taofia Pelesasa (A Frigate Birds Sings, The Factory ), Andy Sani (The Brave), Leki Jackson Bourke (The Brave, Taro King) and Samson Chan-Boon (At the Wake). Directed by Amelia Reid-Meredith (Shortland Street) and Shadon Meredith (Hypothesis One:Le Tonu ).

Goodbye My Feleni is made with the support of Auckland Council Arts Alive and The Basement.

Goodbye My Feleni
16-25 April 8pm
Basement Theatre Main stage
$20/$25 booking fees apply.


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