May 19, 2021

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Sign Poetry Festival, Rotorua – The Deaf Connection 2013

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The Lamp Trust Presents:


486193_10200351056152500_902342747_nOn April 27th 2013, the Rotorua Arts Village will throw open its doors and welcome an enthusiastic crowd of creative artists to this years premier event SIGN POETRY THE DEAF CONNECTION 2013. Attendees will be treated to an explosion of local, international and professional talent and enjoy a showcase of quality music, poetry and sign language workshops in a fun and safe environment.

SIGN POETRY THE DEAF CONNECTION 2013, is an event that supports the Lamp Trusts creative arts programmes, celebrating the unique abilities of many performers and creative artists from within our community and nationwide. The event provides the deaf community and the creative communities a platform to present stories and performances, developing their craft and the opportunity to be mentored by experienced specialists and industry experts. Its an also a great opportunity to be apart of a national event, the first of its kind!!!

In support of the M.O.S.D Family And Childrens Services (FACS) Think Differently Campaign the event endeavours to change attitudes and behaviours towards disabled people. The Lamp Trust wants to make a difference by bringing communities together. We achieve this by collaborating with supporting organisations, professional sign language interpreters and local /international creative poets to help run the event and contribute to its aims and objectives.

Poetry and the use of the spoken word can be seen as a form of communication restricted to only those who can hear. However, the power of communication is for all. We want to help break stereotypes and promote the power of communication; utilising the creative arts is one of many influential tools for change.

The key outcomes will be to:

Increase the interest and participation of deaf people in the overall event.
Encourage change toward social attitudes and behaviours that may limit opportunities for deaf people.
Gain an awareness and appreciation for sign language.
Become familiar with the art of poetry.
Enhance the power of communication with music.

Our key objectives are:

Engage participants to think about how sign language can be used to express poetry.
To increase knowledge and understanding of the challenges deaf people face.
Promote awareness of these challenges.
Learn about the fundamentals of sign language.
Hear how sign language is used on local and international levels.
Develop skills and techniques involved in poetry.
Have a broader understanding of poetry and its many forms of performance.
Introduce music, production and technology within these realms.

The day is full of workshops, performances and the celebration of bringing together two different cultures and two different linguistic communities through poetry.

The event is open to all who will participate and help take poetry to another level.

Sign up and register NOW!

Dont miss this unique event going down in Aotearoa, NZ.

Kia kaha koutou


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