May 18, 2021

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Te Arawa Hapu to erect traditional pou whenua along controversial route

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The Positive Rotorua Environmental Society is calling to action local residents, land owners, businesses and tribal organisations to join together in stopping the designated Eastern Arterial Route (EAR).


The Positive Rotorua Environmental Society is made up of concerned citizens, residents and ratepayers working alongside local Te Arawa hapuu who believe that an eastern arterial route will have an adverse affect on local communities, the environment and sites of historical and cultural significance.

A series of ceremonial posts will be erected during a dawn service on the morning of Sunday 19th May.

These carved posts serve to reaffirm traditional ownership and kaitiakitanga, marking the tribal lands of Ngati Hurungaterangi, Te Rorooterangi and Ngati Uenukukopako.

Those interested in taking part in the ceremony are asked to meet at the Te Ngae Shopping Centre at 6am. From there, the group will make their way to the 1st pou ceremony at 6.30am, with the 2 subsequent dedications following. A breakfast will be hosted at Owhata marae (Iriirikapua Parade), with a wider community hui called for 10am.

This will be the first in a series of planned actions to take place at regular intervals until this matter is satisfactorily concluded.


Event Organiser: Nireaha Pirika [email protected] 0221502249


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4 thoughts on “Te Arawa Hapu to erect traditional pou whenua along controversial route

  1. Tena koutou, oku whanauanga kai tera taha o Rotorua
    ka pai to koutou maia ki te whakaturia i nga poutiriao
    ki roto i a Papatuanuku he tohu maumahara he tohu mo o koutou
    kaha kia tu motuhake he tohu mo nga whakatupu kai te heke mai
    heoi ano nga mihi manahou kia koutou katoa.

  2. Our 6 am Dawn Ceremony this morning (19 May 2013) not only placed a series of Ceremonial posts onto the Tapu of Papatuanunku but also into my Heart. For once I felt hope surging thru me. These carved posts served to reaffirm traditional ownership and kaitianga marking the Tribal lands of Ngati Hurungaterangi, Te Rorooterangi and Ngati Uenukukopako. As Wahine I can feel this time our Men will do right by us.

  3. The Desired Result is that the Proposals to destroy our Mokopuna will not happen in our Lifetime. Genocide is committed when we cut off our Mokopuna from their Whenua. Cut the Whenua and we kill our babies. That is what some of Te Arawa Elders hve done, abeit in IGNORANCE. But thats how our Babies die isnt it, when we take our eyes off them and leave them with the ones we think we can trust. And who do we Trust the Most. The Anglican Church. They are responsible for all this. That Whore that lies at Ohinemutu – St. Faiths Anglican Church.

    1. In the Book of 1Kings 3:16-28 Where two prostitutes came to King Solomon, one of the prostitutes told the King that she had given birth to a son and the other woman gave birth to a son two days later and while they were sleeping the other woman had rolled onto her son and he died and took her living baby and placed the dead baby on her. The King said so we have one living baby and two mothers saying this baby is theirs, bring me a sword and I will cut the living baby into two. One of the mum’s said “No my Lord give her the baby” and the other woman said “Cut the baby in two my Lord so neither of us have the child”…King Soloman said give the baby to the first. This story to me relates to how I feel about the land being confiscated from me and my whanau, my hapu. It is being torn away from us and there is a sense of helplessness. There is no consideration to our heritage and the links we have to the whenua, the system is unfeeling and abusive. Shame on you, you are the second woman, who couldn’t care less about life and would rather see death.

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