May 18, 2021

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Maori Women’s Welfare League website goes live Friday

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(RadioNZ) The Maori Women’s Welfare League is thrilled to be reaching out to a younger audience with the launch of its new website – which goes live on Friday (at 11.30am we’re told).

Te Ropu Wahine Toko i te Ora says the development of a website is a top priority this year and it wanted to build a contemporary profile to attract young adults and potential members.

Web developer, Caleb Kingi of Lamp Studios, was contracted to create the website while he was on a working holiday to Europe via China and managed to complete the design while he was travelling by train between Amsterdam and Germany.

Newly appointed kaiwhakahaere (manager) Awhimai Reynolds says the league is particularly interested in appealing to an untapped younger age group.

She says the future is promising for the organisation that already has a strong membership of 3000 women.

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