May 9, 2021

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Ngati Haka Patuheuheu opposes the Tuhoe Deed of Settlement for Waiohau

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Our claims are not being settled! says Robert Pouwhare lead claimant for Ngati Haka patuheuheu of Waiohau.

417906_506085486106056_551132650_nWe are against the Tuhoe settlement with the Crown as they are trying to use our claims against the Crown for their own benefit and provide nothing to those who have actually suffered at the hands of the Crown, Ngati Haka Patuheuheu.

Ngati Haka Patuheuheu pulled out of Te Kotahi a Tuhoe over four years ago and withdrew their claims. Neither Tamati Kruger nor Te Kotahi a Tuhoe represent us or our claims says Mr Pouwhare.

In the second protest and demonstration against the Tuhoe Settlement, Ngati Haka Patuheuheu of Waiohau has planned an occupation of the main road through Waiohau on Sunday the 5th May.

Last century our people where defrauded of their lands, 7,000 acres (known as the Waiohau Fraud), and unlawfully evicted off our land at Te Houhi.

We were also imprisoned on land in another tribal area in what Prof Judith Binney described as a concentration camp! said Mr Pouwhare.

He went on to criticise the Crown as being self serving and mean spirited.

In their indecent haste to craft a cheap and nasty settlement with the subalterns of Tuhoe, the Crown commits the same grave mistakes it made last century against our hapu.

Back then, the Native Land Court, which the Crown created, was instrumental in the Waiohau Fraud.

The Crown cried innocent and said it wasnt their fault.

This century they acknowledge that failure but choose not to provide Ngati Haka Patuheuheu with remedy.

They then refuse to accept our withdrawal from Te Kotahi a Tuhoe and instead seek to subsume us within a settlement that we do not agree to said Mr Pouwhare.

Like the people of Maunga Pohatu, Ngati Haka Patuheuheu of Waiohau opposes the Tuhoe Deed of Settlement; the proposed Post Settlement Governance Structure, Te Uru Taumatua (TUT); the amalgamation of the Tuhoe Waikaremoana Trust board and Tuhoe Fisheries with TUT and the demand we surrender our individual voting rights.

Worse, we are being asked to relinquish our rangatiratanga in Te Urewera and our right to obtain recompense for the grievous breaches of Te Tiriti by the Crown said Mr Pouwhare.

Ngati Haka Patuheuheu say their claims have not been settled and have stated that the $15 million dollars being spent to construct a stadium in Taneatua is a huge waste of money, when so many Ngati Haka Patuheuheu and Tuhoe are living in abject poverty.

Contact: Robert Pouwhare
Email: [email protected]
Cell Ph: 021 589580
Landline: 07 322 8945

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