May 10, 2021

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Tena Koutou te iwi o Ngati Rangiteaorere.

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Tena Koutou te iwi o Ngati Rangiteaorere.

kiriAnei te korero i puta mai te hui i te po nei.

No / Kao mo te D.O.S.Deed of Settlement.

No /Kao mo te PSGE.

No / Kao mo te amalgamation, Te Ngae Farm trust with the PSGE.

No / Kao mo te hoatu moni, te nuinga–to giving them the bulk of monies to purchase lands on the Whakapoungakau ranges.


Because we know very little about any of these subjects. The PSGE is a document that has not been available until today- 2 and a half weeks into the voting process. Merging the farm trust with the PSGE is a surprise to the Iwi – no consultation, what a major shock to the present trustees who will lose their jobs by this takeover.and as for giving the PSGE the major share of the asset funds to purchase land on the range is just plain dumb cos you dont know anything about this use of our monies.


Your vote say NO. The Hui DONT GO.

na Kiri Potaka-Dewes

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