May 19, 2021

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Raihania calls for a campaign driven by kotahitanga

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maori_roll_or_general_roll_N2Na Raihania is calling on the six other candidates in the Ikaroa Rawhiti campaign to come together in the spirit of kotahitanga and focus on the vital need to increase Maori electoral participation.

“We have an amazing opportunity to lift the vote, to make political participation relevant to the people of Ikaroa Rawhiti through this by-election campaign and I would hope this is a goal we can all agree on, said Mr Raihania, the Maori Party candidate for Ikaroa Rawhiti.

“If the Ikaroa Rawhiti seat is to survive and our electorate’s voice is to be heard in Parliament, then we need to put aside our differences in this one global respect the call to increase the numbers of Maori enrolled and registered to vote.

Results released yesterday on the Maori Electoral Option reveal a disappointing start to the Maori Electoral Option bringing with it the very real threat that unless participation increases, the number of Maori seats in Parliament could be reduced.

“Traditional western style campaigning is driven by the politics of personal attack.

“The Maori Party is asking all the candidates of Ikaroa Rawhiti to lift our sights higher, and focus on Maori political participation. We can all be champions of this kaupapa – fundamentally, this is about our democratic right to participate and be heard as Maori.

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