May 10, 2021

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More healthy home support coming to Ngati Whakaue whanau

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Ngati Whakaue has just announced that they will help whanau insulate their homes leading to warmer, healthier whare for Ngati Whakaue whanau. Ngati Whakaue Assets Trust is funding the project in partnership with Eco-Insulation Ltd and EECA, which administers the Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme. The total project is valued at $728,000. It is one of only 3 EECA iwi partnerships in the country.

The Ngati Whakaue Whareoranga project will offer floor and ceiling insulation to more than 250 Ngati Whakaue homes by July 2014 and targets those families which will benefit most: those on low incomes with children, elderly and/or those with high health needs.

The project will engage Te Taumata o Ngati Whakaue to administer the project and undertake a comprehensive health and social assessment of participating families to ensure that they are accessing appropriate health and social services. In addition, the project will support the Tumahaurangi Trade Training cadets to acquire the skills need to safely install insulation materials into Ngati Whakaue homes.


3 thoughts on “More healthy home support coming to Ngati Whakaue whanau

  1. Kia ora I am Ngati whakaue decendant of (Arawhata Taro) and would love 2 have my home insulated.
    I am 60yrs old and had rhuematic fever as a child and many health issues also 3yrs ago i had heart surgery (Aortic valve replacement)
    My husband is 63yrs old() Ngati pikiao)and also has health issues he has had lung operation and is an asthmatic so hope we qualify kia ora

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