May 8, 2021

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Series of earthquakes hit Bay of Plenty overnight #Rotorua #eqnz

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( It was a sleepless night for some Bay of Plenty residents who were woken by a succession of earthquakes that shook the region.

GeoNet reports four earthquakes struck Rotorua between 12.30am and 2am today. The first 2.4 magnitude quake struck within 5km of Rotorua measuring 8km deep.

Rotorua residents had a shaking morning with four earthquakes just after 12am.

The second magnitude 2.5 quake struck two minutes later 5km north-east of Rotorua and was 6km deep.

Rotorua residents took to Facebook this morning to report the quakes keeping them up overnight.

One woman said she couldnt sleep and kept going to check on her daughter every time an earthquake hit.

Another said I want to go to sleep but just when you think its over, another one comes.

Another earthquake hit 5km east of Rotorua about 12.49am with a magnitude of 2.6. It registered at 7km deep.

Following a brief break, GeoNet reports another 2.9 quake hit the Bay of Plenty within 5km of Rotorua and was 8km deep.

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