May 18, 2021

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Mahi available for Te Arawa in Fishing Industry

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Te Arawa Fisheries has a great programme to help you get into fishing.

482467_190300104453290_1938376980_nYou will:
do three months paid work beginning Oct 2013
be packing, unloading and stacking fish in Tauranga
work up to 40-60 hours per week
get a free ride from Rotorua to Tauranga daily return
be dependable & hard working with a good attitude

Interested? To get an application form, drop in to our Te Arawa Fresh Seafood store, call us or download the form from our website.

Deadline to get your application to us is Friday 13 September 2013, 4.00pm. Places limited.

Te Arawa Fisheries:
Redwood Centre, 5 Tarawera Road, Rotorua 3010
P O Box 1896, Rotorua 3010 | Ph: 07 349 3227
Fax:07 347 6876 |Em:[email protected]

1 thought on “Mahi available for Te Arawa in Fishing Industry

  1. Hi my brother is trying to download an application form for the Te Arawa fishing industry program, but can’t find how. are you able to email a copy thru to him on [email protected] or pm me a copy with some urgency as they close 2moro.

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