May 12, 2021

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NZMaoriBroz on Youtube!

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Tena Koutou

Ko Tongariro te Maunga
Ko Taupo te Moana
Ko Tuwharetoa toku iwi
Ko Waihi toku Marae No Whanganui-a-tara ahau
Ko Kahu toku ingoa Kia ora Whanau.

Just letting you brothaz & sistaz know that I’ve just started a Call of Duty YouTube channel a couple weeks ago and It would be mean as If you Whanau can help a Maori out & give me a big head start boost on it.

Just by liking & subscribing to my new channel & also checking out 1 or two videos.

There’s a vid that I know you fullaz will all love called Crack Up Maori’s on PAYDAY 2.

I just want to show the world that us Maori can do anything we put our minds too, in my case chilling & keeping up with the intelligent Pakeha & Asian nerds that know everything about gaming.

So if you have time Whanau, check out, subscribe, & like our videos on YouTube!!! & you fullaz can catch up with us in the comments of my videos or even on here!!! Chur!!! too much cuzzies!!!!

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