May 12, 2021

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Porter, Rueben Taipari for Mayor,Te Tai Tokerau

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1233612_223000451193247_44468178_nkiaora tatou.

I have a campaign strategy that may help all maori candidates in tai tokerau maybe even Aotearoa. I am promoting this Sunday the 22nd September as our national day for returning our voting papers. We recieve them on Friday and the best option is to fill them in Saturday then hikoi to the postoffice and post them on the Sunday

“Recieve your vote in the post Friday…Complete the forms on Saturday…Return them completed on the Sunday!”

can you please spread the message to all our whanau everywhere to all own when and how we make our decision and not leave it until tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.

gratefully yours

Rueben Taipari Porter

1 thought on “Porter, Rueben Taipari for Mayor,Te Tai Tokerau

  1. Kia ora
    Reuben are you a serious candidate or will I be wasting my vote ????? then we will be stuck with that weasel Wayne brown ? Or ythe aerodrome stealer john carter .? or the weasels assistane ann court ??? Help !!!!

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