May 18, 2021

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6 Years on from Operation 8 and Government Still Breaking the Law

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Six years on from the Police raids of Ruatoki in 2007 and government is still breaking the law said MANA Leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau, Hone Harawira.

69386f6bb1dfed68692a24c8686939b9_567x210When the police spied on the people in the Ureweras they broke the law pure and simple. And when they followed that up by smashing their way into peoples homes, throwing up blockades at Ruatoki and Taneatua and detaining people without proper authority, the Polices own watchdog the Independent Police Complaints Authority went so far as to call Police actionsunlawful, unjustified, and unreasonable.

The governments response? Deny all wrongdoing and change the law to make what was illegal, now legal.

Six years later the Government Communications Security Bureau gets sprung illegally spying on NZ citizens, and the governments response? Exactly the same – deny all wrongdoing and change the law to make what was illegal now legal.

The difference now though is the outrage of ordinary citizens who have finally cottoned on to the depth and breadth of government spying.

Now its not just Maori activists, Greenpeace campaigners and union organisers. Today government is spying into the lives of ordinary Kiwis -their life details checked, cross-checked, amended, debated, deleted, destroyed and dehumanised, without their knowledge and without their consent – by a network of computers run by Work and Income, Housing New Zealand, Accident Compensation Commission, Child, Youth and Family, Inland Revenue, the Justice Department, Corrections, the Police, and no doubt a few other departments and agencies.

And thanks to the efforts of the Waihopai Warriors and the whistleblowing of Edward Snowden, we also know that the GCSB has been illegally snooping into our phone calls, emails, texts, facebook and twitter not in defence of New Zealands security, but to help the morally and financially bankrupt United States of America.

The Kim Dotcom fiasco is simply the most high-profile example of NZ spy agencies acting on behalf of American commercial interests and happily breaking NZ laws as they did so. It wasnt the first example, and the scary thing is that it wont be the last.

All of this makes the convictions of the Urewera 4 for illegal possession of firearms look bloody pathetic, particularly given how many farmers and hunters both here in Otago and up in the Far North are probably running around with unregistered guns right now.

As we recall the racism and the terrorism imposed upon the people of Tuhoe in 2007, I call on all Kiwis to note that on this very day Parliament is debating the second reading of the Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill which this government is pushing through to grant the GCSB and the National Security Agency of the USA, extended powers of surveillance over New Zealand citizens, without peoples knowledge and without their consent.

For further information please contact Helen Potter, (021) 060-8910.


2 thoughts on “6 Years on from Operation 8 and Government Still Breaking the Law

  1. There’s no doubt that spying on NZers is rife. Even this modest little website will be gleaned not for terrorists but for anti-govt views. The Tuhoe raids will be long remembered historically in NZ and won’t be the first blunder or anti-Maori actions by police and the security apparatus. We are a long way from the days when Princess Te Puia Herangi felt sorry for a security agent parked outside her gate during WW2 and invited him in from the cold for a cuppa.

  2. By all means keep bringing these matters up that these racist colonialist Royal British Armed Militia….aka….NZ Police are reminded of their cowardly and illegal behaviour. The paranoia of their collective guilt in waging a 176 year long war of attrition now being exposed and Maori awaking to the fact the reason for this long protracted aggressive oppressive campaign which has resulted in the transfer of 97.5% of all land once owned by Maori to settler Pakeha. Adding to this is the ugly fact Maori are still the second most jailed ethic group of humanity of which the current government seeks to continue by way building a raft of new private prisons for the new partners the British Lords owned SERCO. This organisation full of ex mercenaries rapist ect. I do ask Hone to go to Youtube and study up as to what Bill Turner ie a ”Bill” debit note through the house into law etc and how to overturn. The advice of Winston Shrout might help to to unravel the complex web of bullshit these interloper colonialist have imposed upon us to our detriment and annexation of our lands. Its time Maori the WE who are the Children of TANE unit together and rebutted these oppressive bastards with extreme prejudice that we might increase our number greater than 4% who live to 65 to qualify for a pension and to stop our death rate at 1 of us to 75 of them. The outcome of this 176 year long war against the interests of Maori upon every front is called genocide and there is ample enough evidence to haul them A-holes before the Hague and World Court and hang them for their war crimes. Remember our chief signed a peace agreement with the 1840 treat and it was the armed militia made up of conscripted criminals of the vilest nature who the brought here to make war. No wonder they are so paranoid about a Maori uprising and have imported a massive amount of new Europeans to bolster their numbers. We need to remind them guns don;t win wars today, but bic lighters might go a long way towards such outcomes. Also let us remind these block heads we have a bigger war to fight for the planet to save us from the mess they and their mates overseas are still engaged in, that of burning it down while they police are going around arresting and harassing those who are seeking to do something to save it. My we have some nasty paranoid chaps at the wheel of the cops. Go get em Hone.

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