May 7, 2021

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Council to test Rotorua 2030 vision with community

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Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick and councillors have drafted a bold vision of what they want Rotorua to be like by 2030 and are about to test their proposals with the community to ensure their proposed future direction has public support.

Rotorua 2030 sets out seven major long term goals, along with four key priorities for the council and community to achieve together by 2016, the end of the three year current council term.

Development of the Rotorua 2030 vision and 2016 priorities follows a series of workshops where elected members worked through a wide range of ideas, issues and aspirations for developing the district.

The seven key goals drafted for 2030 cover a cross section of the community, environment and economy. They are:

  1. A RESILIENT COMMUNITY:inclusive, liveable and safe neighbourhoods give us a sense of place; and confidence to be involved and connected
  2. OUTSTANDING PLACES TO PLAY:recreation opportunities are part of our lifestyle; connecting us, transporting us and surrounding us
  3. LOVED HOMES:quality, affordable homes are safe and warm, and available to meet everyones needs
  4. VIBRANT CITY HEART:our inviting and thriving inner city reflects our unique heritage and lakeside location
  5. BUSINESS ENTERPRISE:we boast a diverse and sustainable economy energised by our natural resources and innovative people
  6. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES:we are a prosperous connected community; growing our education, training and employment opportunities
  7. UNSPOILT ENVIRONMENT:we are known globally for our clean, natural environment, air quality and healthy lakes

The four priorities which the council wants to work together with the community to achieve by 2016 are:

  • Develop a vibrant city heart that attracts people and activity(few empty shops; people on our streets; optimistic retailers; more diverse use of our inner city; viewed as an exciting and safe place to live, work and visit)
  • Develop our economic base by growing existing and attracting new businesses to our region(new jobs; higher skilled workforce; reduced unemployment; increased household income; new and different businesses; an increasingly attractive investment environment)
  • Support residential renewal and the creation of healthy homes(homes are insulated and affordable to heat; growth in property values; residential building consents reflect growth in new builds and refurbishment
  • Sustainable infrastructure and affordable, effective council services(a sustainable 30 year infrastructure plan; evidenced ability to manage and repay debt; rates are within affordable levels; transparent, trusted financial management; affordable cost effective and valued council services)

Mayor Steve Chadwick says planning beyond the councils current term is imperative if real change for Rotorua is to happen, but shorter term building blocks for the council and community to achieve together are also essential.

Our new directions need both short term gains and long term goals. The journey starts with determining where we want to be in the future what we want Rotorua to be by 2030 and creating ambitious milestones along the way, starting with what we need to achieve together by 2016.

To accomplish this, we need real change. If we keep doing what we have always done, we will simply get the same old results. Real change means all of us coming together in our community to reshape and realign our districts future.

Rotorua 2030 is about mapping, planning and achieving a collective future for Rotorua, with input from not only council leaders and industry stakeholders, but from the whole community.

The council cant achieve all these things on its own. The way we will do this in the future is by partnering with other organisations, agencies and community groups to build a sense of community ownership for building a better Rotorua. This is the concept of tatou tatou (we together)in action.

This council is committed to driving more cost-effective and efficient services. Were going to ensure all council programmes and activities align with the districts ambitions, and were reshaping and realigning the council organisation to become more effective and responsive.

Theres never been a better, more appropriate time to make serious changes for the future. We live in an exceptionally unique place, and together we can craft a positivetomorrowfor all our residents; one that supports a legacy of community and sustainability.

Mayor Chadwick says the next phase for the vision project involves testing it and the priorities with the community and receiving feedback.

From the end of this month councillors are going to be out and about in our community asking people whether were on the right track and whether we are focussing on the things people are thinking and talking about.

Mayor Chadwick says community engagement will commence on the day of the Christmas Parade,Saturday November 30, with a two week series of engagement events starting at various locations where people can have conversations with councillors.

Mrs Chadwick says the council has already started working in ways that are markedly different from the past, such as close collaboration with the Inner City Focus Group to revitalise the heart of the city through a genuine partnership approach.

Following community engagement on Rotorua 2030 and 2016 priorities, the next stage of planning will involve councillor-led development of in-depth key strategies in the New Year, to support and achieve the districts vision and priorities.

  • For more information:Mayor Steve Chadwick, phone 07 351 8306 or 021 472 069.

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