May 12, 2021

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New Pokies for Sky, More Misery for Kiwis

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“Today government will ram through legislation to let Sky City Casino massively expand their casino operations regardless of the damage government already knows will be caused to ordinary Kiwi families, says MANA leader and MP for Tai Tokerau, Hone Harawira.

13_smThis afternoon Parliament will pass the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill to allow Sky City to expand their casino operations, in return for building a convention centre.

“Granting 230 new pokie machines, 52 new gambling tables, and a 35-year licence extension, is simply not worth the increase in relationship breakdowns, depression, suicide, family violence, increased money laundering, job losses, increased problem gambling and financial problems, as identified by government’s own Ministry of Business, Innovation and

Employment-compiled regulatory impact statement.

“The return to Sky City will far outweigh the financial cost of the convention centre which means they, along with the National and Labour MPS they’ve showered with gifts to keep them on side, will be the big winners, says Harawira.

“MANA has opposed the Bill at all stages and will actively campaign to repeal the legislation after the next election, said Harawira.


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2 thoughts on “New Pokies for Sky, More Misery for Kiwis

  1. I am disgusted with our National Govt. pushing ahead the means to get more Pokie machines into SKY CITY CASINO. More Pokies means more Addiction and less means of coping with the Addiction for the Vulnerable who fall prey to these Electronic Beasts. Talk about catering to the ‘HAVES’ and disregarding the ‘HAVE NOTS’.

  2. Pokies are an addiction. The Trail of Misery to Families this Addiction causes is catastrophic. I totally oppose the GENOCIDE these MACHINES cause. Its bad enough the ‘PSYCHS’ are running this Country, now we have National Govt. headed by our Prime Minister ( an ex – State House Tenant and State Dependent Child ) giving the ‘PSYCHS’ more Clients to electrocute. Psychs love that ‘ECT’ Machine and what the Pokie Addiction does is numbs the Human into ‘OBLIVION’ so by the time the ‘PSYCH HEADGEAR’ is fitted onto the ‘ECT PATIENT’ its ‘GENOCIDE’ Time c/- of JOHN KEY. (PHARMAGEDDON – alive and well in NZ – AOTEAROA.

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