May 18, 2021

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Moment of silence for colleagues that have passed away – Samoa College

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The upcoming SAMOA COLLGE 60thAnniversary meet on the 20th& 21stDecember in Auckland is rich in history and will include a moment of silence on the Opening Night to remember all school colleagues that have passed away.

News of the passing away of Samoa College old boy Taulealeausumai Laavasa Malua in the weekend reaffirms the importance of having the moment of silence as a tribute to the life of service of our school colleagues that are no longer with us, said Pau Edwin Puni, chief coordinator of the upcoming SAMOA COLLEGE 60thAnniversary celebration in Auckland and UPY1987 classmate of Taulealeausumai.


Lovingly remembered as Tauti by his classmates at Samoa College, Taulealeausumai is CEO of the biggest Samoa Government Ministry, the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment. He is also the youngest CEO of a Government office. Taulealeausumai served Samoa in many capacity including being team manager of the national league team TOA Samoa.

Taulealeausumais leadership quality stood out with the rapid response and handling by the Disaster Management Office a division within the MNRE of two of the biggest environmental disasters to hit Samoa, the tsunami in 2009 with many lives lost and Cyclone Evans last year when Samoa experienced for the first time what many referred to as an inland tsunami.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 5.56.42 PMSCOPA NZ Communication team leader Tuilagi Saipele Esera commented, So sad about brother Stau, talofae. Guess it further brings home the point lifes too short. Just live life to the fullest ma faaaoga taleni e tele a le Atua. Cant take Stau out of my mind, si teine o Margaret ma le au boys a Stau talofae. Damn, only the good die young!

Samoa College Class of 1953, Rev. Leiite Setefano has been accorded the privilege to lead the Opening Night lotu with Pastor Avele Tanielu, former head boy and hostel master to lead the school assembly choir.

Samoa College was established in 1953 by the New Zealand administration to prepare Samoa for independence in 1962.

Photo 1: Some of the former Samoa College students residing in Auckland, New Zealand

Photo 2: Former TOA Samoa team manager Taulealeausumai Laavasa Malua with TOA Samoa RLWC 2008 Ali Lauiititi

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