May 11, 2021

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Teke Talk Poet Profiles

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Dayle Takitimu

Dayle is a genetic hybrid- on her mothers side from the Bounty Mutineer Fletcher Christian and the Tahitian vahine porutu Mauatua (known as Maimiti) and on her fathers side , the east coast iwi, Te Whanau a Apanui, Ngati Porou and Te Aitanga a Mahaki. She is a daydreamer, a hopeful romantic and a peacemaker (when shes not protesting and, consistent with her whakapapa, just out there generally being a flaming trouble making radical).

Michelle Ngamoki

Ms Michelle has written Poetry all her life, and on rare occasions, treats audiences with live performances and readings. She is a Heart Warrior. Those who are blessed to know her are enriched by a woman who is grounded and sacredly connected to the earth and its eternal knowledge. Michelle has East Coast whakapapa and was raised beneath the protective embrace of Pokohinu maunga, in Omaio, the heart of Te Whanau a Apanui.

Valvena Witeri

I am Te Whakatohea and Ngati Whakaue.?Music inspires me. My earliest memories are of singing with my whanau: it was how we connected.?Music is how I lift my-self from the harshness of reality. I get to take other peoples words and sounds and transform. Singing is how I rebirth ideas.?I am PROUD to be a single Mama, and HELL YEAH I can say I am Superwoman!?I am a Daughter, a Sister, a Niece, a Cousin. I go to war for my whanau!?My son is my right to Talk TEKE: stitches and all!

Vanessa Kururangi

With simple truths this girl will unearth
The wisdom spoken to her from birth
They belie the layers that lie within
To tantalise and prick your skin
And left to soak in for a while
They make you laugh, and cry, and smile
In a sheer and underestimated fashion
She sparks up rage, and light, and passion
Ngati Porou, quick witted, insightful
Feisty yet gentle, shy and delightful
A toes in the sand girl, animal lover
Unassuming and humble –
Heres your chance to discover?
A contemporary free thinker
With words to disarm?
The most staunch non-believers,
Right here at the Psalms
Vanessa Kururangi, a name to remember
Side Pocket Bar 17th of December

Matariki Cribb

Te Atihau Nui A Papaarangi, Ngati Pikiao
Matariki has been part of radical activism from a young age (Pakaitore, Waimarie Steamboat on the Whanganui River, the Foreshore and Seabed Hikoi 2004 and present as Tariana Turia Walked the Floor). Educated at Te Kura o Kokohuia in an Iwi based curriculum where free thinking, independence and political activity were encouraged. Her proudest achievement was in 2010: becoming a Whanganui Tribal Graduate. Has a BA in political science from Vic. Manu Korero National Winner 2006, 2008, 2009. NZ Youth Parliamentarian. Owner of Balcony Wine Bar and turned 21 yesterday!

Chanz Mikaere

MMVA (Master of Maori Vagina Art). Seriously.
Kupu Sniper (known Tero-ist).
Penny-Diving skills: Mediocre at best
Mangai Nui? Black Belt.
Weave Teke, Write Teke and quite happy with my own Teke
Teach Teke and pretty much create Teke Discourse.
Trying not to be a Minge-lomaniac
Or Tore-talitarian.
Keeping it together,
Tasting the words
on my Lips.


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