May 7, 2021

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Iwi n Aus – We stand together as one people, one iwi, united and for the people.

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We stand together as one people, one iwi,united and for the people.

Kia ora koutou katoa/Greetings everyone,

My name is Erina Anderson founder and spokesperson of the Iwi n Aus Foundation. Myself and co-founders Filipa Payne and Tania Hohaia and our team are volunteers, committed to seeking solutions, fair treatment and pathways for all people affected by the 2001 legislation changes. These changes were specifically designed to target and drastically reduce the rights of New Zealand citizens only who arrived after February 26th, 2001 to reside permanently in Australia.

As a result a labyrinth of unexpected but hardly surprising negative effects have emerged and had an enormous impact on New Zealanders and their families who are labelled ‘Non protected special category visa holders’ (SCV), otherwise known as the Subclass 444 Visa.

Over time these effects have permeated and unintentionally discriminated against thousands of Indigenous Australians, Australian citizens and non citizens, including longterm residents, spouses, parents, siblings, and children making this issue no longer just a New Zealand problem. Another unexpected effect that we have discovered is the impact these laws have had on our New Zealand economy, education system and nation.

We are all volunteers who are deeply affected one way or another by these legislations which we believe are incredibly unjust and discriminative. We see a desperate need to seek change in order to establish a safe and nurturing environment for our families and future generations. We are striving for our children, families and those who are most vulnerable to be treated with fairness and dignity in their day to day living as well as to be recognised as valued members in a society and country we call home.

Our aim is to educate, advocate, network and support our people in a language and way that we all understand so no person is left behind nor forgotten.

We are committed to thinking ‘outside the square’ and putting action to our thinking. Therefore, we seek to find ways to improve our current position by actively researching and campaigning for fairer treatment, the right to vote and fairer pathways in all areas where we are at risk of being treated as subordinate second class citizens who are invisible to society that has no clue these problems exist, even to this present day.

Our vision:”We stand together as one people, one iwi, united and for the people.”

Nga mihi aroha,
Erina, Filipa, Tania and Iwi n Aus team


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