May 8, 2021

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Movie making made easy – Niue Film Commission

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Movie making made easy is becoming a reality for youth in Niue via a one week media production workshop.

Using a variety of smart phones and tablets to shoot and edit their footage, youth in Niue are fast becoming proficient in creating quick and entertaining movies focused on issues of interest and importance to them.

1655544_684541651597418_1113031939_oThe Pacmas funded workshop provides guidelines on using technologies that are readily available and cost effective to produce TV programs for youth, and women on Niue.

The simplicity offered by the latest smart phones and tablets allows participants to bypass the complex learning process needed to use the bigger and more expensive cameras to produce TV shows.
The point and shoot devices such as the iPhone 5s shoot superb HD footage that is good enough for broadcast on Television.

Workshop facilitators, Kilocutz Production House recognize the limitations, particularly when recording sound, but have focused on adapting and simplifying traditional TV production techniques to maximize what the participants can get from their devices. This includes practical hands on training, as well as the crucial pre-production stages where planning and structuring the stories before shooting is most important.

Participants from TVNiue, Taoga Niue, Niue Film Commission, Education, Agriculture, NHS School leavers and the Chamber of commerce are producing several stories that will be showcased in a 20 minute TV program at the end of the week.

A similar workshop for women will follow in a few weeks time.

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