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Neighbours Day Aotearoa, Atawhaingia te Pa Harakeke 29 – 30 March 2014

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Neighbours Day Aotearoa (NDA) is about turning strangers into neighbours and streets into neighbourhoods / Atawhaingia te Pa harakeke.

Its about thousands of kiwis taking the time to engage in small and local acts of neighbourliness to make New Zealand neighbourhoods safe, fun and friendly places to live.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.56.45 pmWho are we?

Tasked by Lifewise and Takapuna Methodist Church to seek out new and innovative ways to support local neighbourhoods, Rebecca Harrington self-confessed community advocate came across the following finding: many people today recognise they are isolated from their neighbours, yet are unsure what to do about it. After hearing that planned neighbourhood celebrations were becoming commonplace worldwide, Rebecca sought to establish a similar annual campaign in New Zealand, one that honoured our diverse and rich cultural heritage. Initially launched in Auckland in 2009, Neighbours Day Aotearoa became a nationwide initiative in 2011. NDA continues to be a catalyst for thousands of kiwis in getting to know their neighbours.

What do we do?

Supported by thousands of kiwis, and a campaign team made up of passionate, community-focused organisations, Neighbours Day Aotearoa is a national, multi-agency campaign that aims to get all kiwis to go one step further in getting to know their neighbours on one day (weekend) of the year.Driven by the simple belief that great neighbours make great neighbourhoods, the NDA campaign is about turning streets into neighbourhoods, strangers into friends and turning every street in New Zealand into a fun, friendly, safe and resilient place to live. It all starts with kiwisconnecting with the people that live, behind, beside, in front and across the road from them.

Why do we do it?

Whether you live in a suburb, on a city block, in an apartment or on a rural property, you have neighbours and knowing your neighbours matters. We believe that every connection you have with your neighbours could go a long way to making your neighbourhood more friendly, fun and safe.Through fostering better connected neighbourhoods and more everyday neighbourliness, Kiwi communities can be stronger and more resilient and the wellbeing of individuals, family/whanau and community will be significantly enhanced. We know that stronger neighbourhoods can be part of the successful antidote for the many social issues within Aotearoa.

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