May 7, 2021

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BIG BREAK: our search for the writer of New Zealands next great movie

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New Zealand has made some truly great films, and we want to make more.

If youre a writer with an idea for the next great New Zealand movie, heres an opportunity to get your film made.

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LIBERT!NE P!CTURESis looking to make extraordinary films that excite audiences at home and around the world. Some of those films will be made by names youve already heard. But we also want to make names, and to find talented people who havent yet had their break. If that sounds like you, send us your film idea and a script extract. If we think it can work, well develop your screenplay with you, with a view to putting it into production.

LIBERT!NE P!CTURESis a new film production company, formed by internationally-experienced film makers with backing from the New Zealand Film Commission. We have extensive experience in film packaging, financing and production. Well be producing feature film and television for audiences here and internationally and have funding to develop our projects independently.

Were inviting writers to send us bold and brilliant ideas via our online form at If we think your idea has the potential to be New Zealands next great movie, then we can start talking!

What are we looking for?

We know that for New Zealand films to hit the international marketplacethey have to offer something totally new, so:

  • Were looking for great stories that haveunforgettable charactersanda strong point of view.
  • Were looking for stories ofany genre and style, including romantic comedy, comedy, thriller, horror, psychological thriller, drama, adventure, or something weve never seen on the screen.
  • Above all were looking forwriters who have a passionfor storytelling.

What are we not interested in?

  • Stories that weve allseen before, or genres thatfeel tired were looking for thenextbig thing.
  • Well be raising the money to make your film and we need to be realistic. Think about the budget for your film. If it has a large cast, expensive locations or a lot of special effects it is less likely that we will be able to take it on.

What kind of experience are you looking for?
Were not restricting who can apply, but this is not a training exercise or a film school. We want to work with talented writers who have the ability to realise their great ideas. You may not have had work produced before, but were asking for 10-20 pages of script which demonstrate you have the ability to turn your idea into a great screenplay. Ultimately were looking to find talented writers to have a working relationship with. Perhaps thats you?

What about my team?
We welcome applications from teams as well as individuals. However youmust have a writerin your team who can turn your great idea into a great script.

I have an amazing idea, but I am not a writer, can I send it in?
Unfortunately a great idea isnt going to go far without a writer. Please find one and get them to start writing!

What do we need from you?
We need a logline, a one page synopsis, 10-20 pages of sample script, and some information about you. The pages of script need to be for your proposed film (not from another project). We dont expect you to have necessarily written a full script for your idea, but we do want to see how you will dramatise it.

You will need to use ouronline submission form. You can access that here:

Before completing the form, you might like to look at ourguidelineson writing a logline and synopsis at:

Loglines and synopses_Libertine Pictures

Can I send you more than one idea?
Yes! You can send us as many ideas as you like, as long as theyre each supported by a logline, synopisis and script extract.

When is the deadline?
14 April 2014

OK, so I send in my idea .

What happens next?
If we like your idea and your sample pages well get in touch. We may ask for a more complete or detailed story outline.

If we decide not to pursue your idea we will email you and let you know. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide feedback as to why we have passed.

What happens if you want to produce my film?
We will option your idea and pay you to write the screenplay, with the support of our development team.

Will my film get made?
Nothing is certain in filmmaking! But we wont option your idea unless we think it has a good chance of being made.

What will you pay me for my script?
If we think that the project has the potential to be developed further we will pay you to option the idea and develop it with you. Libertine Pictures will pay writers in line with industry market rates.

We need to work only with New Zealand citizens or New Zealand residents who are 18 or over.

Is this a competition?
No, definitely not. There are no winners or prizes. We may not in fact feel any ideas warrant further development at this stage and none are taken further. This is an opportunity for you to submit your idea to Libertine, and for us to find great writers.

The legal bit
Whilst we welcome your idea, you need to be aware that we are continually coming up with new ideas, formats, concepts, stories and the like as well as receiving numerous submissions of ideas, formats, concepts, stories, suggestions and materials from others, and they may be similar to your idea. Accordingly, before you submit your idea you must be aware that you will not be entitled to any compensation or other consideration because of the use of such similar ideas, formats, concepts, stories, suggestions and materials by us. Also, that by evidence of your submission, you release us from any and all claims, liabilities and demands that may be made by you asserting that we have in some way then used or appropriated any material submitted by you.


Big Break online entry form:

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