May 16, 2021

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Indigenous surfer Otis Carey hurt by Surfing Life magazines description of him as having an apeish face

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(Daily Telegraph) INDIGENOUS surfer Otis Carey is said to be devastated by a feature in Surfing Life magazine which said he had an apeish face.

864261-29565e62-a8d2-11e3-b49b-c914c517065aThe Narabeen surfer, whose mother is of Aboriginal heritage, is also rumoured to be speaking to Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes about the insensitive article.

Surfing Life, owned by Morrison Media, ran a story titled Poetry Night with Mermaid Killer in their March issue written by Nathan Myers, and wrote, With his apeish face and cowering hair-curtains, I expect mlittle more than Cro-Magnon grunts from his mouth. I am caught off guard by the clarity and eloquence of his speech.

His father Chris Carey told Confidential he has read the feature and is currently focusing on the wellbeing of his son.

At this stage we dont want to talk about it, our concern is Otiss wellbeing, Carey said.

We just have to support him.

In a previous interview with the father of one, Carey spoke proudly of his indigenous heritage.

My Nan is from the Gumbaynggirr people and my Pop was from the Bundjalung people, he told Focus magazine.

My Nan was born in the dunes up at Red Rock, so we have very strong connections to the land and ocean up around Coffs.

Its always such an energising feeling coming back home for a few days after being away on a surf trip; it definitely keeps me grounded coming home.

Whether I like it or not, that natural spiritual connection I have with the ocean and the land has been given to me as a gift through my heritage, and its something I embrace to the fullest and something Im very proud of.

Confidential approached Surfing Life magazine however did not hear back we went before print.

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