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Te Mana O Ngati Rangitihi Trust Deed Review & Treaty Claims Mandate Hui & Process

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Kia ora koutou,
Donna-Semmens-1-305x229My name isDonnaSemmens and am of Ngati Rangitihi.
Te Mana O Ngati Rangitihi Trust have publicised their mandating hui timetable once again.
1. 29th March 2014- Voting starts.
2. 30th March 2014- Trust Deed Review Report hui for iwi – the day after.
Pre-empting the treaty claims mandating hui and voting before beneficiaries have received the final outcome of the Review.
1.The two following TMONR panui quotes I have below, contradict each other in the sense that one states TMONRT were willing to undertake the trust deed first before moving forward on the treaty claims.The next panui states that TMONRT only promised to delay the treaty claims until February 2014.
2.Panui Two has two conflicting statements, stating the review is complete, followed by the review is almost complete.
# At no time have the beneficiaries been publicly told via their website or any other communication, that they are able to submit their feedback pertaining to the trust deed throughout the whole process. We who attended the two review hui-a-iwi were told we would be presented the rest of the trust deed and told by the independant facilitator Matanuku Mahuika that he will show us what parts we were allowed to amend, as some clauses were compulsory according to Crown rules.
# Te Mana also state that after the next hui-a-iwi onMarch 30th, that the trustees will decide on the recommendations and then present aFINAL REPORT. I stress that the review is not completed until the beneficiaries receive the FINAL REPORT and the outcome of any postal voting and the outcome of that.
3.Panui Threeis the chairman of Te Mana stating that Te Manahas undertaken a review of its Trust Deed and held several hui-a-iwi to clarify the views of its membership.
# I will reiterate we refuse to deem the review completed to our satisfaction.
Te Mana have held NO hui-a-iwi pertaining to the treaty claims, so have not clarified our views at all.
4.Panui Four states that aDRAFT DEED REPORTis to be presented at the next hui-a-iwiMarch 30th. We do not consider that the wordDRAFTmeans in any wayREVIEW COMPLETED.
******Here is a sequence of Te Mana O Ngati Rangitihi communication panui to Iwi members;
PANUI ONE 07/10/2013. (copied below)
‘As we have previously announced the mandating hui have been postponed for now.We have agreed that it is best we undertake the Trust Deed review first and ensure that the iwi is comfortable with that process before moving forward on the comprehensive Treaty Settlement claim’.
**PANUI TWOMarch 2014
Quote; We are also re-starting the mandating process for a comprehensive Treaty of Waitangi Settlement.We made a promise at the trust deed review hui-a-iwi last year that we would wait until February 2014.
Now that the trust deed report has been completed,we have re-set the mandate timetable. The remaining Trust Deed Review hui,, will be held in March 2014and after that the Trustees will make a decision on the recommendations and the final report will be presented to beneficiaries.
Quote One;
‘The Trust Deed Review is almost complete.We have had alot of verbal submissions but so far no written feedback’.
Quote Two;
‘A final hui-a-iwi will be held in March andthe proposed outcomes will be presented.The recommendations will then be considered by Te Mana Trustees who will make the final decision on any amendments.


Trust Deed Review and Hui-a-iwi

7 October 2013
We had a great turnout for the hui-a-iwi two Sundays ago to discuss a range of matters concerning Ng?ti Rangitihi and Te Mana. There was a lot of good korero and it was valuable to hear the views of the iwi.
We want to provide a quick recap on some of the korero for those who couldnt make the hui, and also outline what Te Mana has done since then to progress the Trust Deed review.
As we have previously announced the mandating hui have been postponed for now.We have agreed that it is best we undertake the Trust Deed review first and ensure that the iwi is comfortable with that process before moving forward on the comprehensive Treaty Settlement claim.
Here are a few quick points that the Chairman raised at the hui:
  • The Trust Deed review is something that we have to get done. It is obviously important to the hapu, and it is also required under the Deeds terms to take place.
  • It will be an open and transparent process, and it will be done by an independent body.
  • We want to have the review completed by Christmas (mid-December) and the outcomes made available to the iwi early next year.We will report back to the iwi through a series of hui.
  • Our goal is to proceed with the mandating strategy at some stage but we wont be rushed.
  • It is important we take all or as many of the iwi as possible with us on that journey and so we have decided to delay the process for now.
  • There were some concerns raised by wh?nau at the hui and we have taken those on board and are looking at how we can resolve them.
Going forward, Te Mana is working with our kaunihera kaumatua kuia, and our legal advisors to put together the Terms of Reference for the Trust Deed review. We hope to update the iwi in our newsletter later this month and we will hold further hui-a-iwi over the next few months to hear the views of iwi.
It is important that we have everyones contact details up-to-date. There was some korero at the recent hui that people have missed out on postal ballot papers in previous voting. This is most likely because the mailing address we have is incorrect. You can update your details by calling the office or emailing[email protected]
If you have any questions about the process or the Trust Deed itself please contact Anthony Olsen;
[email protected]
or call
Te Mana on 0800AKATEA (0800 252 832)


TMONR Panui. (website)
Te Mana to begin Mandating Process
Te Mana will hold six hui in April to seek a mandate to enter into direct negotiations with the Crown relating to the comprehensive settlement of all its historical Treaty of Waitangi grievances on behalf of the iwi.

Te Mana Chairman Graham Pryor said hes optimistic about the mandating process.
We delayed the process last year after iwi feedback, but we are now ready to take this matter to the people.
The next few months will be an important phase for Ng?ti Rangitihi as Te Mana seeks a mandate to represent the iwi in negotiations with the Crown.
Getting a successful outcome from negotiations with the Crown is a key step in the ongoing development of our iwi, said Mr Pryor.
While Te Manas mandating strategy was approved by the Office of Treaty Settlements in early 2013, a series of hui were postponed in October last year to allow for further consultation with the iwi.
Since then,Te Manahas undertaken a review of its Trust Deed and held several hui-a-iwi to clarify the views of its membership.
We know that the Government is focused on settling as many claims as possible before the election or, at least, getting iwi to the table and we want to be there also.
Even though our strategy has been approved by OTS, we need a clear sign of support from the iwi so we can act on their behalf. There will be a nationwide vote, along with a series of mandating hui held around the country, where Te Mana will put its case, said Mr Pryor.
Hui will be held in Rotorua, Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and a final hui in Matat?.
Voting is open for three weeks beginning on29 Marchand is open to anyone 18 years of age or older who is either registered with Te Mana and/or descends from the tupuna Rangiaohia and Apumoana, through the tupuna Mahi and Rangitihikahira. So both registered members of Te Mana and those who have not registered with Te Mana can vote.
There are three ways beneficiaries can vote: by post (registered members will be sent voting packs); online; or at the mandate hui.
Voting closes on29 April.
TMONRT Panui (website)

Trust Deed Review Hui

Te Mana will be holding a further Trust Deed Review Hui with beneficiaries to present the Draft Deed Review Report from review facilitator, Matanuku Mahuika.
The hui will be held onSunday 30 Marchat Rangitihi Marae, Matat?,10.00am 1.00pm. Light refreshments will be provided.
Any enquiries, please call 07 322 2452 or email[email protected]
I wish to finish with the extract taken from the post-settlement governance entity documents.

Post Settlement Governance Entity Review

The Te Arawa Lakes and Ngati Awa documents provide for the review of the governance entity after a defined time. This is an important clause. It provides for a formal review of the performance of the governance entity and the opportunity to address issues and problems in an open and transparent manner.

Due to the information above, we demand as beneficiaries that the TMONRT treaty claims mandate hui and voting to be stopped from proceeding any further until the review of their trust deed has been fully completed as promised by Te Mana.
Any further proceeding of the mandating will be deemed as a huge injustice to Ngati Rangitihi.
I look forward to your response,
Nga Mihi,


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