May 13, 2021

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shane jones

Claire Trevett of the NZ Herald is reporting that Labour MP Shane Jones will leave politics as soon as the end of next month, telling the Herald that he had come to the conclusion over Easter that it was time to go.

Mr Jones said he had told Labour leader David Cunliffe of his decision as well as the Party President Moira Coatsworth.

He has been in talks with Foreign Minister Murray McCully for some time about a possible role in an international fisheries management role and expected that to go through.

He said he would leave at the end of next month after reflecting over Easter about his future.

“I was true to myself after I lost the leadership. I’m not able to give Labour the 100 per cent that I ought to be giving. They need a team that will stay for the long term and I’m not in that space.”

-NZ Herald

1 thought on “Labour MP Shane Jones to step down end of next month

  1. Step very carefully when changing wakas jummping a person of size leans the the waka to unbalance.,” aue ! ” he aha te mutungatanga ” kia ora” kia tupato

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