May 13, 2021

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Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 3, by Olly Ohlson

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As Ive mentioned previously I have defined mauri as being the consciousness energy that is in and around all living things.

Olly_Ohlson_Key_Profile.jpg.161x142This definition took me a while to settle on as I wanted to do justice to all of the information I had been given at various stages of my life. I have to say here that my personal growth is a work in progress i.e. ake, ake until my demise. Our tipuna used personification as part and parcel of their everyday life expressions. But the way we use our language now has changed. I believe that all languages, including ours; were once filled with mauri i.e. vitality, energy and spirit. I say this because of the many stories recorded in the different iwi oral histories of powerful tohunga who used words to help crops to grow, to help someone heal or to cause illnesses and even cause death. Distance didnt seem to be a factor in the effectiveness of their use of mauri in this manner.

In my study of ancient Maori symbolism, Ive come to understand that there are two symbolic languages which are very different pakiwaitara and purakau. Paki means vibration as in homai te pakipaki (give us a clap), wai describes the way the words flow like water or like the words of a song or poem – and tara describes a crater of the body from which the language emerges. Tara is also onomatopoeic for a trumpeting sound as it appears in putaratara and put?tara, words for trumpet. So pakiwaitara refers to oral stories.

Purakau are stories recorded, carved or weaved into solid forms such as in murals, carvings and tukutuku. Pu is a container as in ipu. Rakau of course is a tree or wood and obviously refers to the solidness of the story form. So a purakau refers to a story that is recorded as in carvings, tukutuku and kowhaiwhai. Tohunga mastered the art of both systems and were therefore very gifted individuals whose words carried real power. So where are these tohunga today?

The Achuar and the Huaorani people live deep in the Amazon rainforest. Every morning they gather just before dawn and share their dreams as the daylight explodes into view. They believe that their dreams connect them to their ancestors and that dreams are owned not just by individuals but by all of them. The dreamers are simply the vessels. Our Maori ancestors treated moemoea (dream time visions) seriously too as they believed that it was the ancestors trying to show us something that would affect our lives in the present and in the future. Just like the Achuar and the Huaorani, they listened to the dreams and viewed them collectively. I still think collectively and every time I hear a speaker conclude with no reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa, I am reminded of that togetherness.

Some inmates in Paremoremo once asked me why was it that I kept going in to see them. They were high security bad fellas and I wasnt even related to any of them. My reply was that they were someones son, someones brother, someones uncle. I told them how the poutama tukutuku tells us that no matter how many times we fall, we can always choose to get up again and that I was there to help them get up again. Everyone has the opportunity to change I told them and I wanted to be involved in that change process.

My sense of being Maori could not exclude me from their situation and their lives. I carried a sense of responsibility too. The gang fellas understood the togetherness thing. Being Maori is not about being an individual being alone; its about being part of something bigger a whanau. Thats why I love the term, tatou, tatou. Its an inclusive expression.

ollie-ohlson-now-e4I can understand how collective thinkers find it hard to separate things out into their individual parts – I still do. I find it difficult to think solely for and about myself. Our wise ancestors articulated their knowledge and knowings in the language expressions of their day so the only way I was going to learn from them was to find out how they did it. I plotted the creation story in a linear as well as a Venn diagram. The Venn diagram gave me a clear visual of the pure personified mauri referred to as IO and how everything was already there. It had to be because everything emerged from IO. I realised then that IO was the cyberspace of our existence. Everything that has ever happened is recorded there just like on every computer only the IO computer is the universe itself!

I remember getting highly excited at the idea that IO was a cauldron of potentiality. I found that all communications both verbal and non verbal oscillate at different frequencies. All life forms and their expressions of existing; their communications, exchanges and activities have frequencies which can be measured. Some of these frequencies are owned collectively. Families were recorded scientifically by Dr Cleveland Baxter in a book written by Dr. Robert Stone The Secret Life of Your Cells – as having strong cell connections on a conscious level. Other families involved in the same experiments showed that while their cells registered that a connection had been made the individuals were unaware that a connection had taken place. Nevertheless, what was of interest to me was; human cells in families, in all of the studies carried out by Cleveland as well as other scientists around the globe, were communicating 24/7 with one another instantly. Time, space and distance did not hinder them.

What implications does that have about the environment I sleep in, that my wife and children sleep in and where we work, socialize and where we live? And more importantly; what about the environment of my own mind! When I tracked along these lines suddenly I started re-thinking about my own daily thoughts. Whatever I think and feel is being communicated to every one of my whanau members instantly 24/7.


I need to be mindful of my thinking and feelings. All of us are being recorded in the cyberspace of IO and so therefore we are all creating physical realities every second of every moment we exist. This explains why collective prayers, meditations, contemplations and community cohesiveness work.

In my travels to date I have witnessed miraculous healings, I have had many intuitive experiences and personal revelations which have manifested themselves in my life and I am richer for them. My years as a broadcaster exposed me to the world of advertising. Repetition, repetition, repetition (male mauri of Ranginui) combined with multiple positive associations through emotive language such as delicious, wonderfully uplifting, luxurious reinforced with the soft colours of yellows and blues and orangey reds associated with fun as in a childs building blocks (the driving force of Papatuanukus emotions and passion) is the name of the game so that when you go into a shopping mall to buy a particular product, a brand, which just so happens to be placed at eye level, springs to mind, and you automatically pick it out from amongst other brands. Thats called brain washing. However, in business terms its called successful marketing. In religious organisations its called being a practising and faithful follower. This scares me because Im left with the idea that whoever controls thinking controls the world. But then I ask myself who controls my thinking? I do. So therefore as long as I keep that control I am able to receive and send positive healing thoughts throughout my life time to all and sundry.

The teachings/learnings in Mauri Hauora tell us that a thought form personified as an Atua by the name of Tane creates physical realities. The scientific studies outlined in Lynne Mc Taggarts book, The Field shows that when particles are being observed, they stop their random behaviours and begin to order themselves into clusters of particles which become so dense they take on a physical form according to the observers thoughts. Napoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich believed that, Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe; he can achieve. Particle nature of matter tells us that we cannot destroy anything; we can merely change its form.

Once again this re-enforces the idea that my ancestors consciousness, their thoughts, their emotions and their experiences are all available to me because they still exist in and around me! WOW again! So I most certainly do have a lot of power available to me a lot of mauri – and so do you. In conclusion my present understanding is that you and I are in charge of a marvelous machine called a body which has a consciousness associated with it, one that allows us to think, experience and observe. We are thinkers and dreamers 24/7 and so therefore we are involved with co-creating our physical realities. The word co-creating is really important because we are not alone. Each one of us is a potential tohunga.

So how do I tap in to this powerful mauri you may ask? My answer is; you already have.

Youve been doing it ever since you were born. A more meaningful question is how have you been using your mauri so far? Mauri Hauora is about you as the perfect purakau with so many pakiwaitara. You are the writer of your own book and you are the ultimate story teller.

Most of all you can re-write any part of your story that you want simply because you can. And thats what continuously excites and fulfills me. It will do the same thing to you too I guarantee. I love running Mauri Hauora workshops. My wife Theraze and I travel together and we will travel anywhere. You house us, feed us and transport us and well be there. As a venue I prefer a carved meeting house that also has tukutuku. They are my indigenous purakau Power points. However, if there isnt one near you then anywhere will do as long as you have a large white board and/or a data projector. Our fee is a koha. Mauri Ora!

Te Hata Olly Ohlson, Kaiako Mauri Hauora [email protected] Ngati whare o Tuhoe, Ngati Kahungunu, Ngapuhi, Ngati Porou.

2 thoughts on “Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 3, by Olly Ohlson

  1. Kia ora Matua Olly. A friend of mine posted this wonderful article on fb. It was good to read something that actually had content and was full and rich with language. Tino pai, you just found yourself another reader.
    I too watched you and loved you as a child. Your essence came through the T.V and made us feel loved. I find it easy to believe the kind of work that you do now, the connectedness you are and difference that you make in uplifting people. Sometimes it is hard to let go when we are aware of other other agendas at work, as you mentioned with marketing and advertising, but what they didn’t realize the time, and what they underestimated, was the power of aroha.
    We all fell in love with you and must remember that you have a whole generation of kids that have you etched into their hearts.

  2. Kia Ora matua olly, I read ur story and am moved by the points particularly to moemoea and our Tupuna. I’m keen to get some feed back from u regarding some dreams I’ve had matua and wud really like to see if u gr this MSG first. Ps-I am an After School generation kid, of the 80s and ur show was my Fav 🙂 no reira, e mihi Te Rangatira hope to hear from u via email

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