May 12, 2021

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unnamedWritten by: Nancy Brunning
Directed by: Nancy Brunning
Circa One
28 June – 12 July

Sometimes back is the only way forward

Te Kakano Season Matariki 2014

Nancy Brunnings award winning debut play Hikoi follows two generations dealing with a radically changing world and their way of saying something about it.

Co-produced by Hapai Productions and Auckland Arts Festival

…our kids will want to know who they are. Not because its the marry thing to do, but because its human nature to want connection. Theyll ask you questions, and if you cant answer them theyll look elsewhere for the answers.

1970s, New Zealand.

John Rowles single ‘Cheryl Moana Marie’ hits number 1; Maori rugby players visit South Africa as honorary whites; Anti Vietnam War protesters greet US Vice-President; Protest group Nga Tamatoa descend on Waitangi Day; Whina Cooper; Bastion Point…

Nellie and Charlie meet, fall in love and have five children together. But they have very different ideas how to protect their children, and what they are protecting them from.


Peking Man’s ‘Room That Echoes’; Rogernomics; Queen Elizabeth egged at Ellerslie Race Course; The Treaty is a fraud campaign; Footrot Flats the movie; Waitangi Tribunal alleges the Crown has failed to protect te reo; David Lange,

Now teenagers and armed with a suitcase, a packet of cigarettes and a bottle of Coruba, Nellie and Charlie’s children take to the road to fight for their family.


Audio Described Performance – Sunday, 6 July
Touch Tour: 3pm
Performance time: 4pm

There will be an audio described performance of Hikoi on Sunday, 6 July. (Audio Description is the process of describing the non-verbal action on stage during breaks in dialogue, into headsets worn by blind and low vision audience members.)

For more information, please click:

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