May 9, 2021

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A new alliance emerges. Internet Party Mana Movement +updated

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InternetPartyManaThe Mana Movement and the Internet Party moved closer together today.

After weeks of speculation and a great deal of soul searching, it has emerged that Mana and the Internet Party will work closer together to create policies of mutual agreement and to field candidates who will stand in the upcoming September election.

No detail has been released as to the composition and structure of the alliance, and members of both parties are meeting over the next 48 hours to work out systems to tie both organisations closer together.

There is a suggestion that there will be separate lists.

Another announcement as to who will front the Internet Party (and if our sources are correct (and they usually are), you will be pleased) will happen on Thursday.

The following was released by MP Hone Harawira:

This deal is good news for MANA said Hone Harawira, MANA Leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau, following the signing of an agreement for MANA and the Internet Party to enter into a formal alliance in the lead up to the general election. Itll help us connect with rangatahi and get more people out to vote, attract a wider voter base, and increase our presence in Parliament all while holding firm to our policies.

And the best news of all is that working together will help us change the government because therell be more MANA and Internet Party MPs to make sure that happens.

Its taken time to get to this point, but we wanted to give our members time to get their heads around what this alliance might mean, and I am pleased to advise that our Executive and our membership have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the alliance.

MANA and the Internet Party will register a new joint party, Internet MANA, who will contest the party vote by submitting a joint party list. Hone Harawira is the leader of the new party and the Internet Party leader will be the Chairperson. MANA candidates will continue to stand in their respective electorate seats under the MANA banner.

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