May 12, 2021

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Racist poster mars Rhythm and Vines 2014 music festival

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The popular music festivalRhythm & Vines 2014 hit controversy today with the release of a racist promotion poster.

The following message raced its way across Facebook today:

“This poster for Rhythm & Vines 2014 is a very offensive example of cultural appropriation. The use of the ceremonial headdress by Native Americans & Canadian First Nations is reserved for important occasions of cultural significance. Each feather tells a story & the wearer earns the right to have that feather in their headdress. It is not a dress-up costume for partying kids who may or may not be sober.”

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You can follow the korero here:

6 thoughts on “Racist poster mars Rhythm and Vines 2014 music festival

  1. Becarefull Annie so called Kiwis are some of the worst people to taurekareka [ degrade, insult } other coultures we have many ethinic coulltures all over the world,the are gifted handed down generatiions to generations so beutifull to be given. what is yours ? , learn obout the hat before wearing it,

  2. As a Native American (I am an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe from Montana, USA) living in Aotearoa for going on 6 years now I have never encountered such blind ignorance as that which I’m reading in these posts. The fact that people think this is ok and relegate it to the same level as wearing a cowboy costume or army outfit is ignorant at best and completely racist at worst. Does Rhythm and Vines not realize this “look” is not only offensive, it is completely unoriginal, has already been done at every other music festival around the world, and has faced similar global outrage? Mocking an eagle feather headdress, one the most sacred and honourable ceremonial objects to the Plains Native peoples (reserved for our chiefs and warriors) by wearing it as a costume whilst drunk and moshing to music…who comes up with such ignorance? Those who have never been marginalized, stereotyped, or subjected to racism themselves. That’s who. Native American stereotypes (e.g. the sexy pocahontas girls, sports mascots, feathers and warpaint, etc.) do constrain and distort the identities of Native American peoples. Plenty of research has been done to back this fact. The experience of one’s identity is directly related to how one’s group is publicly represented and to the meanings and associations other people ascribe to it (see the work of noted Native American Social Psychologist Professor Stephanie Fryberg). When thinking of fancy dress, what gives people the idea that dressing as Native Americans is any better than painting oneself in blackface or moko? An amazing colleague Dr. Adrienne Keene has an entire blog dedicated to the misrepresentations of Native Americans. She does a far better job at explaining my outrage. I will choose to stop here and now and not give any more energy to such utter ignorance. For all of you who cannot see how offensive this truly is, I hope your children one day will. This is not simply an issue of importance to Native Americansin case some of you have conveniently forgotten the tangata whenua of Aotearoa! While vestiges of colonialism clearly remain, it is up to each of us to do our part to not perpetuate them.

  3. What a joke, not racist in the slightest! A non Indian can’t wear a headless? Growing up as a New Zealand European, I wore a piupiu when performing in the kapahaka, wore a kimono when playing dress up, and remember dressing up as pochahontas just for fun. If YOU want to wear something because it makes you feel good or because you admire the culture & the cultural dress, there is NO reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to. Should English be offended when anyone wears a suit & tie? Are Hawaiians offended by anyone wearing a wreath of flowers in their hair? Never wear a sombrero again in fear of a Mexican taking offence!! WHAT A JOKE! Just live and let love ?? Shade aroha not hate.

    1. SHUT UP. Do you know anything about the North American Natives? ANYTHING AT ALL? The headdress is the equivalent of war medals and is sacred to our culture. You don’t fucking determine what is racist towards us. We do. You’re a god damn joke.

      1. Jayde, people like you just make this up as you go along, you look for a reason to be offended. And wash your mouth out potty mouth.

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