May 8, 2021

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RockEnrol: build & activate political power for young people in Aotearoa

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A group of musicians have established RockEnrol New Zealand to support more young people to participate in voting.

RockEnrol is a crowdfuelled & collaborative experiential marketing campaign designed to build & activate political power for young people in Aotearoa NZ using popular culture, technology, civic participation education, music & events. It is a global movement which has come to New Zealand.

Youth and Maori voter turnout is low in New Zealand, and anone who is stepping up to help tackle that issue deserves to be praised and recognised for their work,” says Maori Party Co-Leader Te Ururoa Flavell.

The Maori Party has raised the issue several times with the Electoral Commission and in the House of Parliament, in regards to low voter turnout, yet no one has taken responsibility for addressing the problem.

Mr Flavell says “We’ve repeatedly raised low voter turnout, particularly amongst Maori and rangatahi, as a serious issue facing our democracy.”

“RockEnrol is really filling a critical void in our system, because we believe it can reach far and wide and get the message to vote out to our young people. Rangatahi absolutely have the power to make a difference if they vote,” Mr Flavell said.

In the Maori seats particularly, they could wield significant influence – and totally shape the make-up of the government in this election,” says Te Ururoa Flavell.

“We need our young people to recognise the power that they have. I welcome the initiative of RockEnrol and wish them well. We are 100% behind them and will continue to also support more Maori and young people onto the electoral roll.”

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