May 10, 2021

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Survey reveals resentment from Maori towards Asian immigrants

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A recent survey by Asia NZ Foundation (ANZF) has revealed there is a deepening resentment to Asian immigrants from Maori.

The survey monitored the responses of New Zealanders towards the Asian population since 1997, and found that non-Maori kiwis have become more positive towards Asians but that Maori see them as competitors; the (ANZF) report reveals.

The Asian community are blamed for taking jobs from Maori, driving Maori to Australia, lacking cultural understanding and competing against Maori for cultural funding.

Paul Spoonley of Massey University told TV ONE’s Breakfast show, “Maori are much more concerned that Asians are not contributing economically to New Zealand and that they take jobs from New Zealanders and that they don’t mix”.

He says “the attitudes of Maori towards Asians is becoming increasingly more negative.

Trend Data from 2000 shows very noticeably that non-Maori New Zealanders and Maori are heading in different directions, Mr Spoonley says.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse told TVNZ’s Q and A show that he doesn’t know how widespread the opinion is throughout the Maori culture but that it would be a shame to see the country return to biculturalism.

Source: TVNZ

1 thought on “Survey reveals resentment from Maori towards Asian immigrants

  1. I suppose this means they are battling for the low-paid, menial labour jobs. That’s what immigrants are usually brought in for. In my day, they simply failed half the population midway through high school and sent them out to work in the factories and labour on construction sites. I did my share, and mostly worked alongside Maori and an increasing umber of Pacific Islanders. How did I get out? I educated myself. And that’s what the Maori need to do. But cultural differences will always make this a difficult and often undesired challenge for ethnic minorities, including native peoples. The British version of history is all lies, for one thing. My generation of Kiwis learnt absolutely nothing about the Maori at school – in any respect. I don’t know how much New Zealand has changed since I was at school, but certainly the education system should be overhauled to include Maori culture, history and language – and these should figure prominently, not merely be regarded as fringe subjects like French or typing. Maori can only compete in the modern world if they have a modern education.

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