May 12, 2021

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Maori Party amends vote: Paid Parental Leave Bill passes second reading

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  • Maori Party amends vote on Paid Parental Leave bill
  • Maori Party votes yes to bill
  • Paid Parental Leave bill passes second reading in house

The Paid Parental Leave Bill has passed it’s second reading and progressed to the next stage after Maori Party Co-Leader Te Ururoa Flavell’s amended vote made today before question time in Parliament.

The vote had to be amended after the National party made all 3 votes on behalf of the Maori Party last night by way of proxy.

The vote was cast by National, despite assurances from the Maori Party that they supported the move.

Labours Sue Moroney who bought the bill to Parliament told to tvnz her efforts to get it through the house have been hampered by national.

The house voted yes with 61 votes and the No’s at 60 votes.

1 thought on “Maori Party amends vote: Paid Parental Leave Bill passes second reading

  1. Kiaora

    Perhaps Te Ururoa Flavell can also amend his pledge to NOT enter into a coalition agreement with the National Party, post-election 2014.

    National can not be trusted with even delivering the Maori Party’s proxy votes of 3 Aye’s instead delivering 3 Naye’s.

    When you lie down with the devil you can be assured of awakening in hell.

    National has already proven to NZ citizens that they are a corrupt party particularly at the highest level i.e. in cabinet by 2 minister’s Judith Collins and Maurice Williamson and a coalition party member, now ex-Act Party leader John Banks who is currently on trial for election fraud.

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