May 15, 2021

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Maori Database Workshop, Rotorua 28-29 June

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FACEBOOK -$30 billion TWITTER $15 billion TRADE ME $78.6 million

YOU-TUBE $45.7 billion GOOGLE -$200 billion APPLE – $200 billion


Names ; addresses; emails; mobiles; gender; birthdays; Your parents names; Your childrens names; what you like; what you dont like; what you buy; photographs; etc

Do you care who uses and owns your DATA?

Do you want to help your whanau, hapu, iwi, marae and community by owning and using your DATA?

Then come to theTE IWI KAINGA DATABASE pilot

Where: Waiariki Institute of Technology N Block Computer suite N209
Main entrance Mokoia Rd, turn left and park by the gym

When: 28 or 29 June 2014

Time: 9.30am 1pm

Finish with a light lunch

You can attend both sessions 28th or 29th or just one and they are FREE but..

You will need a birth or marriage certificate or a passport to register and enrol

CONTACT: Sherry Tait on [email protected] 0221874575 or Te Wai Tait-Kingi 0223196152 [email protected]

Background on Te Iwi Kainga

1. ITs about W.W.W 7230363724_77f172cb54_z

Whakapapa – genealogy

Whenua – land

Whanaungatanga – relationships

2. What does it do?

Te Iwi Kainga records, stores and generates reports about whanau me penei ko wai ou matua; who are your parents; no hea koe? Where are you from? Ko wai tou ingoa; what is your name? tokohia ou tamariki, How many children do you have?

Kei hea tou nohoanga; where do you live? Kei te ako koe i te aha? What are you learning?

3. Why is it important to own and use data collectively or as whanau?

Who will keep and tell your tamariki, mokopuna, tuarua in years to come who their tupuna are? Which marae they belong to? How they whakapapa or connect to their, whenua, which iwi they belong to? Where you lived or went to school?

Can help our iwi organisations know the needs of whanau, hapu and/or marae

Share and become more aware, engaged and involved with our lands, our waterways, our forests, our ngawha, our schools, our communities,

Collective informed groups are much more powerful than individuals greater negotiating power with Banks, Iwi authorities, government, agencies , health providers etc

4.Why is the Te Iwi Kainga pilot important?

Whanau/individuals need to test or play with it and see whether theyd use it? What theyd change and why? Is there something better? What theyre concerns might be? How it could be improved? What or how does this benefit me, my whanau?

5. What is your contribution?

Your time (about 4 hours) and your views and every view and every question has validity, respect and importance!!

2 thoughts on “Maori Database Workshop, Rotorua 28-29 June

  1. I am wondering how this will be kept safe and not be misused or sold off etc…otherwise the concept is good

    1. Kia ora Gayle

      Te Iwi Kainga was designed purposely for whanau – it is a prototype so there are a number of functions that could be improved hence the pilot up at the Waiariki to enable whanau to trial, test and make comments about the system, good and bad.

      That is a really good question and specifically why the database is designed for whanau. Whanau determine between themselves what they will and won’t share with each other, with their extended whanau, marae, hapu, iwi, government agencies etc- whanau are in control over what data they choose to share. Having said that whanau need to agree between themselves what they will record, store, report and/or share. Ideally protocols must be agreed and upheld for your data to benefit your whanau and not compromise your privacy. If for example you choose as a whanau to share your voting statistics with a political party that has to be agreed between yourselves – nobody else makes that decision but you and your whanau. That is the underlying principle of Te Iwi Kainga – its about whanau being completely in control of how they distribute or share their precious data.

      Nga mihi Bella

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