May 18, 2021

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One of the messages contained in the poutama tukutuku is no matter how much we learn, there is more to learn – I love that.

Olly_Ohlson_Key_Profile.jpg.161x142Its obvious that our wise ancestors communicated on many levels through oral as well as simple arts & craft forms so that stories were phrased and told in ways that were entertaining, adventurous, mysterious, as well as illustrated in beautiful and decorative ways.

Tohunga – the keepers of the sacred symbols perceived deeper meanings from the same stories. Talk with a carver or a weaver about their craft and it will become apparent that there is more to them than meets the eye. This is not surprising really. Globally, indigenous cultures have always had their arts and crafts people and their story tellers.

Unfortunately the Tohunga Suppression Act of 1907 put a stop to tohunga being able to continue teaching the symbols and their uses and meanings to gifted artists and story tellers.

Consequently the practical significance and meanings of the symbolic languages they once preserved have been lost. It always amuses and saddens me when I attend marae around the country and hear karakia ending with, ko Ihu Karaiti hoki to m?tou ariki, amen.

At a four day hui under the kaupapa of Violence and Abuse Prevention for which I was a key note speaker, I was invited to kick start the first morning off by sharing something from the heart related to the kaupapa. This was to be delivered while people enjoyed their breakfast. Before I went up to the speakers dais, I sought out a woman whose mauri radiated with positive energy. I told her how I felt about karakia which included Christian dogma. Her immediate reply was, E hoa, you are asked to speak from the heart so, thats what you must do so get up there and do it. I tell you what, my knees were shaking like hell, even though I had given public addresses and appeared on TV and Radio nationally and internationally. The big difference of course was that this was something different something I was opposed to and always will be.

Heres why.

Christianity is not an indigenous belief system it was imposed upon our ancestors by the Colonists in what I call mental and spiritual rape. Our own philosophy is beautiful and empowering so why are we not pursuing it? The answer is because it was one of the taonga we lost as a result of the Tohunga Suppression Act.

I am proud to say that I was one of the protesters who demanded that the act be revoked and it was in 1964. I was 20 years old and full of fight more fight than sense back then. I hadnt really thought in-depth about the implications of what I was protesting about but Im glad I did it all the same. I am anti religious and pro-spiritual. I can honestly say that I follow the path of unconditional love.

The Christian dogma presents love with conditions which doesnt make any sense to me at all. Unconditional love is what it says it is unconditional. I personally believe that it is practically impossible to maintain this type of love on a twenty four hour basis but it is achievable in chunks.

However, having said that, I am finding that it gets easier as I get older. The teachings of Io are founded on the idea that there is something greater than love the nothingness where, for a time, you become the objective observer of your own mauri or energy fields and the fields in your exterior environment. That state of awareness is where I sincerely believe unconditional love is in the nothingness. It can successfully be achieved in suspended moments through relaxed yet focused meditation i.e. karakia outside of the physical human body via our pre-frontal lobe also referred to as the third eye, which allows us to get outside ourselves and observe no judgement, no emotions, no rights and wrongs and where there is no good or bad.

Mauri or consciousness energy simply is.

It takes place in the present time thereby building awareness and knowings which are the foundation or turangawaewae of our being. Every time we experience these moments you automatically find yourself unable to look at any human being through judgemental eyes.

Instead you begin to see humans for what they really are beings of light who are still developing at their own pace. Whenever I see this I mentally say Ma te wa there is an appropriate time for them to shine a bit more and that I am only one of many others who will affect this being. The bonus is when they shine right in front of you and you know how privileged you are to have been there. That is the ultimate state we move toward in the Mauri Hauora program.

Our creation chart illustrates how Tane creates physical and social realities. From a psychological point of view, all of the ten guardians represent thought clusters. Tane is the cluster belonging to creative thoughts. All Tane does is create. In the separation story Tane pushes his primordial parents Papatuanuku and Ranginui apart so that he and his brothers and sisters can have more space in which to move about and grow. One of the children Tawhirimatea, didnt agree to his parents being separated. In the teachings, feeling stifled is because earth mother female energy and sky father male energy, come together as lovers do and Tane pushes them apart. But he cannot keep them apart for long, so it is a case of together, apart, together, apart etc which is described as the pulse of life. i.e. the heartbeat.

The chart shows a direct link of material and social events to thoughts which, when driven by passion, automatically breaks down time and effort so that a plan falls into place and events happen quickly and smoothly to produce the material object or social outcome which, in turn, gives rise to a feeling of elation and fulfillment. Knowing this can also be quite scary. It certainly was for me. I think therefore I am is an apt quote from Rene Descartes; a French Philosopher, Mathematician and Writer. (31 March 1596 11 February 1650). My dilemma was, I am not the only one in my household who thinks, so whose thoughts does Tane use to make things happen?

And then another thought struck me; what about communities, and towns and cities! I needed to watch what and how I thought about a lot of things. I need to be careful with my thoughts especially the emotionally charged ones for fear of helping to create something which I did not want to happen something nasty or even fatal because of the many other minds thinking and feeling the same. Its a helluva responsibility.

We lived in a rented house and I really wanted my own home. I got to the stage of dreaming and fantasizing about it every day. My wife also shared the dream but we did not tell our children. Then I got caught up in the day to day activities of work and completely forgot about it. Coincidence after coincidence led to me being offered a house. As it turned out it was one that I had dreamed of, right down to the price. At the time I speak of I did not have the money to put down a deposit but because the company wanted a particular product from me as well as for me to promote a new product line for them, they paid the deposit as well as a monthly payment which went to paying off the principle. The mortgage was at one a half percent interest.

On another occasion someone triggered off the idea of going to Disney Land and it really excited me. I couldnt help but buzz on the idea for some time. And it happened within a month of setting it in motion. I am now of the opinion that Tane takes everyones thoughts into consideration and creates a physical reality in line with the most dominant (passionate) thought. The size and timing of the manifestation is in direct proportion to the passion behind it.

My wife and I are dedicated to taking this wonderfully practical indigenous psychology/philosophy anywhere in the country because we know that it can accelerate change. All you have to do is contact us at: [email protected] or call/text us on 0211875057. We live and breathe Mauri Hauora.

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