May 14, 2021

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2014 Green Agriculture Innovation Awards (GAIA) NZ

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These events showcase practical ways to profitably grow quality food while taking care of the environment. With rising concerns around water quality, it’s fantastic see the range of positive solutions showcased by the GAIAward winners.

Come and find out how they do it!!

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Tickets to the Celebration Dinners are available for the 6th (Rotorua) and 8th (Christchurch) of August by clickinghere(scholarships available NOW- see below)

These events offer a rare opportunity to meet world renowned grassland scientist, Dr Christine Jones. Dr Jones has had a long and successful career working alongside farmers and growers measuring the outcomes from regenerative farming methods. The results her farmers are achieving are unprecedented. Join us at the Awards dinner to meet and talk with this inspiring advocate for low input production.

The FREE field days “Practical steps to productive low-input systems ” are being held in August.

Speakers include, Dr Christine Jones (the ‘Carbon Goddess’), Nicole Masters (Integrity Soils) and Ben Warren (Be Pure). The morning will cover a mix of new research and practical steps to reduce your inputs while growing profitable quality foods.

The event is free and attendees are guaranteed to come away with something new.

Free field Day Venues:

Rotorua: M & M Oasis Farms,
159 Central Road, Rotorua6th August
Canterbury: Mairaki Downs, 1031 Mt Thomas Road, Fernside,8th August from 9 am til 1:30pm
Lunch is provided so for catering purpose please ensure you register your interesthere

There are two EarthskinGAIA Scholarships availableto attend GAIA events in either the North or South Island Events.

The successful applicants will be provided with two nights accommodation and a ticket to the GAIAwards dinner. There will be an opportunity to attend science discussions and an informal dinner with Dr Christine Jones and ABF committee.

Applicants need to explain what their passion is for ecological farming systems and what they would do with the knowledge gained from the events. Preference may be given to younger people and/or Maori applicants.

Applicants can apply in writing[email protected]or call Nicole Masters on 0274 523 900

With thanks to Nancy King and

Background information about all the events and theinspiring GAIArecipients can be found by clickinghere

Tickets to the Awards Dinners are now available for the 6th (Rotorua) and 8th (Christchurch) of August are availableby clickinghere

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Look forward to seeing you all soon,

Best wishes

Nicole Masters and the crew from the Association of Biological Farmers

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