May 18, 2021

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A column published in the Northland Age

By Hone Harawira | MP for Te Tai Tokerau

Leader of the MANA Movement


Ask no longer folks. Kim Dotcom himself will be in Kaitaia at the start of a national tour to promote INTERNET MANA, so if you want to meet him and ask any questions, come along to Te Ahu at 6pm next Tuesday 15 July where me, him and Internet Party leader Laila Harre will be speaking.

The aim of the tour is to show how linking a progressive, kaupapa Maori movement like MANA with an innovative force like the Internet Party can help bring new ideas and opportunities to Aotearoa.

Im also hoping that MANAs Waiariki candidate Annette Sykes (who has acted for a few of the local iwi in the past) and our Ikaroa- Rawhiti candidate Te Hamua (who has spoken at a few schools in the area) will be there too.

So come along, ask all the questions, meet the crew, and share the buzz!


When Labours David Cuniliffe said it was highly unlikely that either me or Laila Harre would be offered ministerial portfolios if a Labour-led government was elected in September, my response was a tongue-in-cheek comment that INTERNET MANA is not ruling out the possibility of a entering into coalition with Labour after the election.

Because the reality is a simple one; if INTERNET MANA wins 5-6 seats (as the polls are now predicting) and thats the difference between Labour being the government or not, then you can bet Cuniliffe will not only want to talk to us, he will also want to talk about our supporting his government, and ministerial portfolios as well.

Cuniliffe has to talk tough because hes under fire not just from National but also from different factions within the Labour Party itself, some of whom seem more hell-bent on destroying their own party than winning the election.

Were too busy building on recent positive poll results to worry about what might happen after the election, and although my MANA crew want us to go hard I dont actually want to get into a big fight with Labour. My focus is on two things right now – getting rid of National, and continuing to do the best job I can as the MP for Tai Tokerau.

And the problems that people come to see me about dont go away just because theres an election around the corner, like the guy who everyone thought was too fit to get sick who had a heart attack, and then got treated so badly by medical authorities it nearly broke him. And hes a tough bastard! He tells me hes not the only one whos suffered through lack of proper support so Ive asked my staff to get them all together so I can meet with them, hear their arguments and then take their case up with the health authorities.

And the kuia who cant get access to her mokopuna because her son-in-law has palmed the moko off to his sister, and CYF is draggin the chain rather than admit theyve screwed up. Everybody makes mistakes. Thats cool. But when it happens, dont bother trying to cover it up with bureaucratic bulldust. Fix it and move on.

Keepin it real

AE MARIKA is an article written every week by Hone Harawira, leader of the MANA Movement and Member of Parliament for Te Tai Tokerau. You are welcome to use any of the comments and to ascribe them to Mr Harawira. The full range of Hones articles can be found on the MANA website at

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