May 13, 2021

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Gang brawl erupts at Matariki Event

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Wairoa Police are speaking with members of the Black Power and Mongrel Mob gangs, after a fight broke at a community event with children.

Dozens of families had turned out for the Matariki celebrations on the banks of the Wairoa River on Friday night.

Senior Sergeant Tony Bates says the event of blighted by a fight involving gang members.

Sergeant Bates says by the time police arrived, those involved had fled but they seized a hammer used in the fight.


Newstalk ZB

3 thoughts on “Gang brawl erupts at Matariki Event

  1. Was this photo even taken in Wairoa? Doesn’t look like it!! Also, Matariki celebrations in Wairoa are at night – these photos are not!. It seems that, yet again, the little town that many of us call ‘home’ has been slammed again. That’s worse than the t.v. networks that showed footage from the 80’s for a news article in the late 90’s.; I wish the media would stop doing that…journo’s need to get a real s story with real photos!!!

    1. Diss our Home town and cant wait to put up negative shit about YROA make sure you get the right photo of our community not some random pix. do your home work Oryan.

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