May 18, 2021

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Maori businesses paying higher wages to employees

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(RADIO NZ)Maori authorities are investing more money in their employees compared to businesses in the rest of Aotearoa, a new study by Statistics New Zealand has found.

The research was undertaken as part of Tatauranga Umanga Maori, a long-term project analysing Maori authorities and businesses.

The report shows the amount Maori authorities spent on salaries and wages increased by almost 9 percent in the 2012 financial year, compared with a 4.5 percent increase for all industries.

A Statistics New Zealand spokesperson said Maori authorities spend a larger proportion – 21 percent – on salaries and wages for their employees than all industries combined, which amounts to 18 percent.

A manager at International and Performance Statistics said Maori authorities invest more in their staff and think carefully about how they nurture their assets.

Jason Attewell said they take a more long term view than other businesses.

Mr Attewell said the most important thing for authorities is the sustainability of their assets for future generations, and he said some of that tikanga feeds into the way they operate their businesses.

Mr Attewell said the number of filled jobs in Maori authorities reached 7,920 for the March 2013 quarter.



1 thought on “Maori businesses paying higher wages to employees

  1. This is wonderful news, Maori have lots of potential we have drive ambition and now we have hope kia kaha whanau.
    The future of Maori as I see it will be so productive we will become unstoppable, just maintain courage and give thanks to Almighty God always for his divine omnipresent in our future.

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