May 7, 2021

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Maori king’s son’s ruling appealed

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The Crown has filed an appeal against a judge’s ruling that saw the Maori king’s son let off drink driving and theft charges.

Korotangi Paki, 19, was discharged without conviction in the Auckland District Court earlier this month on two counts of burglary, one of theft and one of drink driving.

Judge Philippa Cunningham discharged him after his lawyer, Paul Wicks QC, argued a conviction would hinder his ability to acede the throne.

Crown Law Office media adviser Jan Fulstow said the appeal was made today as the result of “a very thorough review” by senior councilors.

“Because the matter is before the courts we won’t be commenting any further.”

Wicks also confirmed an appeal was filed today and said a hearing date would be set soon, but didn’t know when it was likely to be.

He did not comment further.

The drink-driving offence took place on October 20 last year. Paki had been stopped on a Gisborne street at 2.15am, and a breath test gave a reading of 761. The current limit for drivers under the age of 20 is zero.

The burglaries and theft happened in March while he was on bail and the judge noted it had also occurred after a night of drinking.

Paki previously pleaded guilty to all charges arising from the theft of two surfboards from Waikanae Motor Camp and items from a car.

2 thoughts on “Maori king’s son’s ruling appealed

    1. The judge got it wrong how humiliating for the whanau concerned. I feel for the judge as well her good intentions and respect for maori protocol

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