May 12, 2021

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Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 6 by Olly Ohlson

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As promised, this Walk Talk is about money.

Money is directly associated with value and so I want to go into some detail about self value. Because we work with the mauri/energies of Earth Mother and Sky Father, we basically function in base two. i.e. a dual system as in: up and down, right and wrong, yes and no, good and bad etc

Olly_Ohlson_Key_Profile.jpg.161x142In Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 4, I wrote: I am now of the opinion that Tane takes everyones thoughts into consideration and creates a physical reality in line with the most dominant (passionate) thoughts. The size and timing of the manifestation is in direct proportion to the passion behind it.

So the key to manifesting anything lies in the female energy of Papatuanuku the emotions. Our body gives us a signal, weak or strong, good or bad, up or down, expanded or restricted thats how we can tell if we are valuing ourselves or not. Quite simple really isnt it?

Anthony Robbins in his book How to Release the Giant within says that our thoughts gravitate toward either pleasure or fear. Many people are unfortunately, like Mauis brothers trapped in fear. The brothers represent doubts in all of the stories told of Mauis exploits in which he always triumphs – even when he challenges death. That story, when understood fully, is actually the ultimate triumph.

The following understandings are absolutely important to note:

  1. We are born into a universe that consists of pure mauri i.e. energy that is conscious of itself personified as IO the Great Nothingness (contemplative objectivity) which is also the Great Everything (a sea of endless possibilities).
  2. Within IO there are two energy/mauri forms Papatuanuku with her spirituality, intuition & emotions which are invisible driving energies behind thoughts and Ranginui with his sense of time & space, work & action, logic & rationality which provide the portals from the invisible world to this world of Te Po of ever changing physical realities.
  3. Within the two energy/mauri forms are many thoughts, personified as children. They are the workforce. They affect the size, shape, colour, texture and timing etc of ideas & concepts that Tane brings into physical reality.
  4. Tawhirimatea is the Time and Space Lord. He is also the carrier of the life force which energises and invigorates individual life forms.

I hope you the reader can clearly see that thoughts and emotions are our major tools that provide us with unlimited potential: to be whatever we want to be, to do whatever we want do and to have whatever we want to have. However we need to take the time to learn how to use them to our advantage. Time and space are precious and so we look to Tawhirimatea and Haumietiketike.

Why Haumietiketike?

Because like all children, the personified children (our thoughts which are the workforce of creation) want to play and have fun; which is good. But how do we get them to work toward manifesting money? The whakatauki below provides the answer for us. Ive copied and pasted it from the booklet I issue to students.

Hutia te rito o te harakeke,

kei hea te komako e ko e?

Kii mai ki ahau,

He aha te mea nui o te ao nei?

Maku e kii atu kia koe,

He tangata,

he tangata,

he tangata.

Literal translation:

If you pluck the tender young shoots of the flax bush, where will the bellbird sing its song?

Ask me, What is the greatest thing in this world? I will reply to you with, It is people, people, people.

A whakatauki is a wise saying hidden within poetic words. The inner meaning was reserved forthose specially selected to be kaitiaki i.e. community care takers.

True meaning:

Hold tight to those private goals, thoughts and dreams that automatically fill you up and flood you with immense pleasure for they make your heart and spirit, sing like a bellbird. After all what is the greatest thing in life?

It is YOU – first

Your Family – second

And others – third.

When you develop yourself to your fullest potential, you will positively affect your immediate family who, in turn, will positively affect those with whom they come into contact – a wonderful example of the koru, the spiral of life.

NB: This is the way of the wise elder i.e. the kaumatua – anyone who held a position of some standing in the Maori community. In order to do their jobs properly they had to come to grips with themselves. They were required to give their all to their purpose in life and in order to carry out their duties effectively they had to explore their thinking, emotions, intuition and spirituality. It was said that only when they could comprehend their inner world of spirit, they would then be able to fully comprehend the world outside and therefore contribute fully and effectively to their people in their given positions.

Haumietiketike provides a direction for thoughts to travel along toward a specific goal, aspiration and dream all of which should automatically evoke passion, excitement and fulfillment. A key word here is automatically. I remember when I was teaching for the Napoleon Hill Academy in Christchurch. I was focusing all of my attention on making a lot of money.

ollie-ohlson-now-e4Like everyone else who came to the classes, I was going to be a millionaire before I got to the old age of forty. I was in my thirties at that time. So I had everyone, myself included, marching around chanting positive affirmations like Im rich, Im wealthy, Im healthy and Im wise repeatedly for at least half an hour every week. This was a ritual I personally carried out every morning upon first rising and every evening just before going to bed, for some years! Yet my finances did not improve at all at least not for me. As a matter of fact they plummeted.

Eventually I was declared bankrupt at a time when I was a national figure. I didnt take any notice of my true inner feelings and gut instincts. Instead I chose to over-ride them with my intellect and logic. Tumatauenga tried to warn me but I did not pay attention to her. Gradually my life began collapsing all around me. But I held my head up high believing that soon I would rise above it all and everything would magically fall into place. After all, I was being positive, my goal was clear, I had a vision board, I had positive pictures plastered all over the house in places where I could reaffirm my goal – which was to make a lot of money. But try as I might things werent going well at all until finally, Ruaumoko literally stepped in and shook my world to bits; in Christchurch, where I got caught in the earthquakes. That was only 6 months ago. We lost property and a large amount of money.

So why did Ruaumoko step in?

Its all to do with the children. Our tipuna chose children to represent our thoughts on purpose. Whatever we want to manifest consciously in real life can be done – but happiness, fun and play need be automatic reactions that can only happen when there is a positive association with the end goal which in this case is money.

However, my association with money throughout my childhood was far from positive. My mother often sent me to the shop with a note which I couldnt read. The shop keepers reaction made me embarrassed even though I did not know the content of the note. As it turned out she regularly spent what money she had on the races (horses), gambling (playing cards) or on alcohol to drown her sorrows. My parents were put under the watchful eye of the Social Welfare Department for child neglect. My siblings and I had to go to a health camp in Ohope to recover from starvation. I was suffering from rickets. So money for me did not conjure up automatic happiness in any way, thats why it did not work for me, whereas it did for people who had positive thoughts and emotional associations with it.

My challenge then was to find another way of thinking money into being. This is where the whakatauki comes in. While money more did not motivate me, the things that did make my heart sing automatically like a bellbird were writing and performing music, singing, poetry, acting, reading, writing and telling stories, sharing ideas and voluntarily helping people less fortunate than myself. My focus therefore needed to be along these lines.

My ultimate dream was to do Mauri Psychology fulltime.

It automatically excites me and gives me much happiness. When we moved into our present home, I began working on getting Mauri Psychology up and running as my business. Ive got online tauira in Dunedin, in the north island and on the Gold Coast of Australia. Im involved with local projects providing training workshops for staff of different NGOs and Government agencies. So I am doing it now and it is steadily growing. We carried a mortgage in our house in Christchurch which suffered from very little damage in Brooklands.

Now we have a two storey mortgage free home right beside the sea at the Otakou (Otago) peninsula near the entrance to the harbour. We are a stones throw from the Albatross colony and seals and penguin colonies. My office looks out over the bay which is just across the road from our house where the many birds, ships, boats, canoes and yachts regularly glide past. I walk into the sea at low tide and gather cockles by the bucket full. I can fish off the wharf just along the road from us and catch moki, blue cod and orange roughie. The Otakou marae is a walk up the road from us and the village of Portobello is just 10 minutes away by car where you can find a dairy, a pub, a restaurant, a fish & chip shop, a library, an art gallery, a museum, a marine centre, a medical centre, a police station, a caf, school, kindergarten and motels. Save for the usual regular costs of living, we are debt free yet we are pensioners.

My experiences so far then lead me to believe that the money that comes to us is in direct relationship to what we want it to provide which for me has always been happiness and fulfilment which occur strongly whenever I value my own talent, skills and the things I love doing. This is why the associated emotions are so important. Its the very reason why the whakatauki of Hutia Te Rito is in the front of the Mauri Hauora booklet. While Ruaumoko has shaken me up, Rehua and Tangaroa and the other children have come to fulfil my ultimate dream to be happy and fulfilled. Once I began valuing those things that automatically brought me happiness, the money thing began to fall into place. We need only trigger off our personal sense of value in the first tangata. The rest is automatic.

As always Theraze and I travel together. We offer workshops all over the country. As long as whoever organises it pays for our travel, accommodation and food so it doesnt cost us a cent, we will come to you. Numbers are not a problem for me so you can invite as many people as you want. Our fee is a koha you decide what that is.

We can be contacted at: [email protected] or you can text us on 0211875057. Our landline is 03 4780220.


5 thoughts on “Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 6 by Olly Ohlson

  1. Thank you Ngaire. This is not religion e kare – it is merely reading the symbolic language of out tipuna. It appears they personified the Creator as IO which you would have read about in my earlier writings. But IO is merely a personification of pure energy. It does not refer to a personage. I hope this answers your query. Nga mihi nui.

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  4. I have enjoyed reading your mind, that is how I felt when I finished reading and I have only one query and that is if you do not mind me asking, with all due respect to you sir where is Our living loving giving and careing Lord God in all of this? I believe that before our mother came our Father should he not be glorified and honoured and remembered for us having Papatuanuku and Tawhirimatea
    Let us not forget our creator for all he created.

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