May 11, 2021

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New Medical Facility to Open in Foxton this weekend!

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As the sun dawns on Saturday 5th July, the dreams of a community will be realised when the new Foxton premises for Te Waiora, a community health service are officially opened.

Like many rural communities the people of Foxton, Himatangi and Shannon have struggled to retain good quality primary healthcare services. In communities like Foxton and Shannon, these struggles are amplified by low economic activity and high primary healthcare needs. For some five years now Te R?nanga o Raukawa has been subsidising primary healthcare services in Shannon and the Central PHO has been doing the same in Foxton. Now these two organisations have created Te Waiora, a partnership to explore new ways of providing primary healthcare to all these communities.

The Te Waiora partnership has been a catalyst for a unique community collaboration by a range of other stakeholders and interested parties to support the efforts of Te Waiora .

On Saturday 5th July, a $2 million purpose built, community healthcare facility will be officially opened and on Monday 7th July the doors will be open for business.

Its been a long journey: some three years ago the notion of a partnership between the Central PHO and Te R?nanga o Raukawa was first mooted. The plan back then was simply to renovate an existing building for the Foxton service. But thanks to the generous support of both Mr Larry Ellison and Awahou Holdings Limited who arranged the financing to enable Foxton Area Community Medical Trust to build the building; and to the Horowhenua District Council who made available the land on which to build it, we now have a purpose built facility for the services Te Waiora will provide in Foxton.

Jerald Twomey, Tumuaki of Te R?nanga o Raukawa, expressed the delight of Ng?ti Raukawa with the level of community consultation that Te Waiora has undertaken, I congratulate both the R?nanga members and the Central PHO members of the Te Waiora project team on the commitment they have shown to community consultation. It is not something that our people can say they are used to. In particular, it is very pleasing to see the ongoing engagement with ng? hap? o Moutoa, in the development of the unique model of care and the ongoing oversight of the services.

Ian Kirton of Kerekere Community Healthy Communities Trust a long time advocate for better primary healthcare services in the Foxton community, also acknowledged the way in which Te Waiora has pulled together diverse community interests to produce this outstanding new service, … all that remains is for the partners to remain committed to their high level goals and for the community to support Te Waiora .

EVENT:Opening of Te Waiora Community Health Service

VENUE: 10 Ladys Mile, Foxton

WHEN: 6:00am Dawn Ceremony

10:00am Day Ceremony

An Official Programme schedule is attached.Click here to view Official Programme (PDF)

For more information contact:

Tawhiti Kunaiti – [email protected]

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