May 9, 2021

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The Maori Party dismisses Act Party claims of race-based privilege

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Maori Party Co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says the Act leaders speech on race-based favouritism is divisive and designed to whip up anti-Maori sentiment.

Act Party Leader Jamie Whyte has said that what he calls race-based favouritism in education leads to Maori students having an easy ride and becoming less likely to make the most of their potential. He also compared Maori of today to the Aristocracy of France prior to the French revolution.

Mr Flavell says Weve heard all this rhetoric before. Our nation has come leaps and bounds over the last ten years in improving race relations and addressing the disparities between Maori and Pakeha so its sad that political parties feel the need to attract some attention by making outlandish claims.

Mr Flavell says the Maori Party has worked hard with the National-led Government to close the inequities between Maori and Pakeha.

Weve had to unpick almost two centuries of colonisation in this country. We like to think most fair-minded New Zealanders have recognised the need for change and recognition of tangata whenua.

Media contacts:

Te Ururoa Flavell: Jasmine Higginson (021 798 103)

Tariana Turia: Makere Edwards (021 221 4950)


4 thoughts on “The Maori Party dismisses Act Party claims of race-based privilege

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  4. My goodness 7am and people have to listen to smear attacks for breakfast, well I hope Mr White had a good breakfast this morning because I plan to ruin the rest of his daily meals for today; Who do you think you are? you are clearly targeting the Mori Kings son with your desperate attempt to win votes every time you lot go into election you target Maori you have the audacity to stand on our floor and under our roof and talk about how letting Moari get away with things is not healthy for Maori when was the last time if ever did you do anything to show Maori that you care about our future, I heard you deliver your opinion this morning your heart was not in it your focus was on the election you used the situation with the Maori kings son to score points and to me that is just nasty, in the words of a deer if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all, why don’t you just try that Mr White.

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