May 10, 2021

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Two leading Kapa Haka groups in New Zealand, combine to bring HAKA to the world stage.

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Experience twenty-five of New Zealand’s finest Kapa Haka performers in an electrifying display of Maori performing arts; the bulging eyes, the protrusion of the tongue, the act of defiance – Haka!

Raw emotion meets melodious harmonies in a thrilling and poignant tribute to the warriors of the 28th Maori Battalion, known worldwide for their courage in Europe during WW2.

From the fierce Haka of the menfolk, to the graceful women with their poi and mischievous ditties, Haka promises both a heart-wrenching and heart-warming voyage into Maoridoms past. Te Matatini is the national organisation for Kapa Haka in New Zealand.

HAKA is a unique show that offers its audience the rare opportunity to experience a taste of beautiful New Zealand and its history and to be entranced by an electrifying performance that crosses barriers to tell a universal story of courage.

The two leading Kapa Haka (traditional Maori performance arts) groups in New Zealand, Te Waka Huia andTe Whanau a Apanui, combine to bring HAKA to the world stage.

From the fierce haka (ceremonial dance) to the graceful poi, HAKA tells the story of Te Hokowhitu ? T?, the M?ori Battalion. Between 1941 and 1945 the M?ori Battalion forged a courageous reputation on the battlefields of Greece, Crete, North Africa and Italy. It was a frontline infantry force made up entirely of volunteers. HAKA is a poignant commemoration of all of those who have fought, returned or lost their lives in battles.

The two groups will alternate performances. Audiences will be captivated by their powerful stage presence and brilliant choreography.

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