May 8, 2021

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Independent Maori fisheries review

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(REPORT by Radio NZ)

(REPORT by Radio NZ)
(REPORT by Radio NZ)

A review of Maori fisheries is to consider whether restrictions on selling quota to non-tribal owned companies is affecting iwi payouts to descendants.

Both tribal-owned Aotearoa Fisheries – part-owner of Sealord – and the body overseeing the quota, Te Ohu Kaimoana will be assessed on their performance.

Whether beneficiaries are gaining from the investments will also be scrutinised.

Under the Maori Fisheries Act, there are restrictions on selling Treaty settlement quota, and if those limits are financially hurting the people, it’ll be included in the report.

A Committee of Representatives from various iwi will appoint an independent reviewer, who will get to work this month and report back by next February.

The review will come as no surprise to tribes, as the scope and timing of the evaluation is included in fisheries legislation.

The Act governs what can and can’t be looked at – which iwi quota holders say is far too rigid. They say they would like to have had certain aspects of the law examined, but say sadly that’s not possible.

-Radio NZ

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